ON THE COUCH – Ep. 19 part 2 of 4 – Philip Bloom, George Olver (Movidiam), Ryan Burke (Røde Microphones)

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This is the second out of 4 parts of episode 19 of ON THE COUCH, with Philip Bloom, George Olver (Movidiam.com) and Ryan Burke (Røde Microphones) as guests.

In this second part of the episode, we talk in detail about the new filmmaking platform Movidiam, which aims to become a comprehensive collaborative platform for filmmakers – a way to look for skilled crew, have a comprehensive portfolio, build all the preproduction and production tasks for a shoot and more. There are many online tools that help with production workflow, but most of them are not connected and don’t talk to each other, which makes workflows hard.


We talked about how (and if) a comprehensive IMDb profile is important in this day and age when every little online film that you shoot can end up in your portfolio there. On one hand it’s easy putting your work online, on the other it gets harder standing out from the crowd.

(This episode was recorded at IBC 2014 in Amsterdam).

Part 3 of episode 19 will be posted by the end of this week.



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Bobby Marko September 22, 2014

Thanks for putting this episode together! I’m very much looking forward to seeing what Movidiam comes out with. I’ve been a huge proponent of Production Minds, which who I’ve endorsed for over a year now. They have really condensed the process of going from idea to capture. http://productionminds.com to read more.

It sounds like Movidiam will be a little different but may have some overlap with PMP. Feel free to check it out.

But I agree with much of the sentiment discussed in the video, with the fast pace of video and film production being produced, we need tools that will keep us organized and allow us to network in a more efficient way.

And thank you Nino and Philip for mentioning IMDB Pro, I’m hoping that there’s other developers out there that will come up with an alternative and competition to IMDB. It’s been ridiculous dealing with them!

Jeff Garmen October 3, 2014

Would you please identify the headset microphones used for this interview?

Nino Leitner Reply
Nino Leitner October 3, 2014

Sure Jeff – we are using Røde HS1-P. I love them – rich sound, and the closeness to the mouth makes them sound really good no matter where you are.

Jeff Garmen October 4, 2014

Thank you. It is for the very reasons you mention that I feel they would be ideal for my purposes. Also, great work on all the “On the Couch” presentations. I very much appreciate all the information you are making available.