CORE SWX Hypercore XL – 293Wh of Power Packed with Features

CORE SWX first introduced their highest capacity Li-Ion battery, the Hypercore XL, in July this year. Coming in both, V-Mount and Gold Mount, it offers 293Wh capacity, 15A draw and all the features of the Hypercore series. We talked with Zack Shannon from CORE SWX during IBC about this massive battery and its features.

The Hypercore XL is a 293Wh (14.8V, 19800 mAh) capacity battery pack with the ability to support up to 20A loads (continuous 15A load draw, 20A peak for 2seconds). With these specifications, it is the highest capacity as well as highest load outputting battery offered within the Hypercore lineup. Its normal runtime (based on 25W load) is 11.7 hours.

As with all Hypercore offerings, the Hypercore XL battery pack is available in both, V-Mount and Gold Mount. The battery includes all the features that are present in the rest of the Hypercore line: a backlit LCD, Powertap (P-tap) and USB connectors, storage mode and compatible charging.

The multipurpose backlit runtime LCD on the front side of the battery delivers information on the remaining runtime and charge time, down to the minute. The runtime information should be very accurate, as it is based on a built-in fuel computer. It will also give an estimation based on a dummy load of 30W, when in standby (disconnected from any device). For no- or low-light situations, a light can be activated by pressing a button next to the display. There is also a simple 4-stage LED display on the side of the battery, which indicates leftover battery capacity.

Each battery is outfitted with an accelerometer to detect motion. The accelerometer is tied to a clocking algorithm to gauge how long the battery is not in use. One of the issues with all battery packs is self-discharge when not in use. Hypercore battery packs go to sleep or hibernate when there is no battery usage or movement after a 48hr period. The LCD shuts down as well, to preserve the state of charge. Once movement is detected, the battery pack awakens at its maximum capacity.

The Hypercore XL battery has an integrated, unregulated P-tap connection on the side of the battery, allowing users to power any device accepting 12-16.8V DC. In addition, it incorporates a USB 5V power output. Its lithium-ion battery cells are incased in an over-molded, rubberized housing. The case provides additional protection against accidental impact and the rubber texture reduces the chance of the battery slipping out of users’ hands.

CORE SWX chargers can charge the Hypercore XL batteries in around 4.5 hours using their rapid charge technology with 3A charging output. The batteries are, however, also compatible with other chargers – the Gold Mount version of the Hypercore XL is compatible with Anton/Bauer chargers firmware V3.6 and up, and the V-Mount version is compatible with SonyTM, IDXTM, and many other chargers.

The Hypercore XL battery pack weighs 3.4lbs (1.54kg) and has a size of 3.8” x 5.87” x 2.95”.

What do you think of these new Li-Ion batteries? Are you using such high capacity batteries on set? Let us know in the comments below.

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