The New cmotion cPRO Wireless Hand Unit Offers Ultimate Focus Control

We took a look at the new cmotion cPRO lens controller, a feature packed, professional hand unit for professional focus assistance with Camin integration.

cmotion cpro hand unit follow focus

We saw a very interesting and affordable low end wireless focus control solution with Tilta’s new $399 Nucleus-N yesterday. Today we’re looking at state of the art high end stuff. Here’s what cmotion had in store during IBC 2017.

cmotion cPRO Hand Unit – The Ultimate Wireless Focus Puller

The first thing to note about the new cmotion cPRO lens controller is how naturally it seems to sit in the hand. Its angled handle, rounded focus wheel and balanced design make it easy to reach all FIZ controls, as well as the REC command which is compatible with most popular cameras.

The centre of the cmotion cPRO features a display with a touchscreen interface, and a scroll wheel at the bottom of the unit allows for easy handling of the remote even in cold environments. Additionally, the controller features illuminated markers for all parameters for easy operation in low-light conditions.

cmotion is also introducing a monitor bracket to mount a display to the controller, all the while keeping the whole rig centred and balanced, and thus making it easy to hold during long shooting days.

The cmotion cPRO controller will sell for around €6,000 and will include a wireless motor that integrates both the motor itself and the wireless module as a single unit. The system is of course expandable to a full 3-motor lens control system.

cmotion cPRO Integration with Camin

The cmotion cPRO controller can also connect to the cmotion Camin camera interface to wirelessly control your camera directly. This could allow you, for example, to control Canon EF lenses through a RED camera without the need of external motors.

The package including the cmotion cPRO controller and the Camin transmitter without any external motors will be available for around €5,000.

The cmotion cPRO is expected to start shipping in January, but you can leave your feedback, request features for the final product and get the latest updates regarding development and pre-order by visiting

What features would you like to see in the final version of the cmotion cPRO? Let us know in the comments!

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