We are cinema5D – Our New YouTube Channel Trailer

We are proud to share our new YouTube Channel Trailer with you – and this is just a hint at the many new things that you can expect from cinema5D in the future.


10 years and going strong!! We have grown into one of the largest filmmaking technology news and review sites in the world, and we would be NOTHING without you, our audience.

You might not have noticed, but cinema5D went through a lot of changes behind the scenes recently. The team is growing, we have started producing more written content than ever before, we have launched the site in Japanese and now also in Spanish (silent launch so far ;-) ), and much more is to come.

We are focusing on producing more regular video content, and are concentrating a lot of efforts on growing the YouTube audience. A new small in-house studio at cinema5D HQ in Vienna is about to be completed and with the new members on our team we will be able to execute even more reviews than we have done before.

Let us know in the comments below what you want to see more of from cinema5D in the future! 

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George Atanassov Reply
George Atanassov July 19, 2018

Keep up the great work fellas.