cinema5D Is Hiring Writers

In only 3 years since the full relaunch of cinema5D as a real-world camera review, filmmaking advice and news site, we have managed to become one of the most successful camera gear websites in the world.

Our main focus on original, self-generated content – generated by the entire team which consists only of professional shooters who are working in the industry day in and day out. Unbiased and with different styles, the audience sees different takes and perspectives on new gear and shooting techniques. People appreciate personal opinions from professionals, even if they are different – which makes our content even more relevant.

Learn more about the team on our “About” page.



What matters to become a cinema5D writer:

  • proficiency in filmmaking – you know your stuff in one or more areas of filmmaking (producing, editing, directing, cinematography, post-production …)
  • you follow industry news closely
  • you have fluent writing skills in English (native speakers preferred)
  • you can write well and you are actually enjoying it
  • you consider yourself a filmmaker – maybe you are a creative young person starting out, or a professional in the industry who has worked for many years already, aiming to get more involved in the blogger scene – becoming a writer for cinema5D sounds like the right thing to do for you
  • you have time to write 10+ articles per month
  • you know our site and follow it regularly
  • you actively come up with your own ideas
  • you have the time to write regularly – people with full-time jobs should check if they can find the time to write regularly

What to expect:

  • payment is based on the amount of articles written and on success and reach (not a full time employment, it’s supplemental income but has the potential to become a considerable sum!)
  • introduction to our wide network of industry connections, particularly if we meet in person during trade shows and get in touch with manufacturers and fellow filmmakers and bloggers
  • you’re getting your name out there to thousands of eyeballs, and we can link to your personal site from your name in the news posts

To apply:

  • tell us who you are, what you do, what you enjoy writing about most – and why you think this is something for you
  • write one representative news post about a current subject of your own choosing that you would consider a “perfect fit” for our site (and which we haven’t written about yet). It can be either a classic news post of something current (example here), a review (like here) or a longer educational post (like here). Choosing the right subject and headline is almost as important as the proper content to go with it :-)
  • email hiring[at] to apply

If you are only interested in writing guest posts or irregular posts, please also get in touch, but please make that clear – irregular posts are however unpaid, but you will have your name and link to your website on them.

We hope you see the opportunities and chances of growth this presents if you feel like we’re looking FOR YOU.

Get in touch via hiring[at] And don’t hesitate to ask any questions too!

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Emmanuel Sapolsky Reply
Emmanuel Sapolsky December 5, 2015

You should have told me ;)

Nino Leitner Reply
Nino Leitner December 5, 2015

You’re welcome to apply :)

Dan Buck Joyce Reply
Dan Buck Joyce December 5, 2015

Brilliant news

Nino Leitner Reply
Nino Leitner December 5, 2015

Will you apply?

Dan Buck Joyce Reply
Dan Buck Joyce December 5, 2015

Maybe, it’s something I’d like to get into.

Tom Swindell Reply
Tom Swindell December 5, 2015

You can always help me write Dan. I’m far too dyslexic and busy filming to write but I’m making films every week using gear. You can always interview me on the phone.

 Adrian Musto Reply
Adrian Musto December 5, 2015

I’m seriously going to consider this Nino

Caleb Rasak Reply
Caleb Rasak December 7, 2015

I will be submitting sometime today! I really hope you enjoy my work!

Myles Thompson Reply
Myles Thompson December 11, 2015

What you really need is a community manager. There’s hardly any debate on any of the posts/articles/reviews.

Myles Thompson Reply
Myles Thompson December 11, 2015

Payment ‘based on success and reach’ sounds a little dubious. How do you measure success and reach, and how exactly can a writer influence these factors?

Phil Hainline December 13, 2015

Please don’t turn this blog into “NoFilmSchool”. A high volume of content that isn’t that useful as writers are lightweight, or it takes too much effort to validate they have sufficient or relevant experience to take their opinion seriously. If the individual doesn’t add sufficient real-world grounding, you are just as well spending your time “cross correlating” the comments in say EOSHD.

I have a hunch, like Vincent LaForet and Philip Bloom, your paid shooting careers are progressing nicely and you have less time to write. (I certainly hope so :-)

The ad should read that you’re primarily a shooter (even if un/under-paid) and you have a body of work, and are continuously adding to it, and we will get to see it (not just read it) regularly. Your perspective(s) have high value, because we have come to know you, and even if we don’t share the same aesthetic, we know where you are coming from.

For example, I have a strong journalistic interest and have watched enough of Johnnie Behiri’s pieces that when he comments on the workability of a camera (even one I’m not wild about), it carries a lot of weight. With an unknown writer, I have to make a lot of effort to put that opinion in context.

At least consider taking on a junior staff partner. A real commitment on your part. Yes, working out the money will be tricky. It’s the commitment from the 5D founders that makes your site better.

my 0.02, much devaluated by inflation

John Dimalanta February 26, 2016

Hi, my name is John Dimalanta. I am a freelance photographer/cinematographer based in NY, USA.

I tried emailing but could not get the proper address to work. I wanted to submit a sample article from my blog.

hiring[at] could not be read by my email account. Is there another way to contact you?