Canon’s Upcoming 8K Camera – Concept Explanation

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Canon 8K technology was demonstrated with a prototype camera body during Inter BEE 2018. We talked about it with Toshiyuki Akimoto from Canon who is responsible for the development of 8K monitors and cameras.

8K resolution is slowly making its way in the line-ups of camera manufacturers. During Inter BEE 2018 we saw an interesting 8K camera concept from Astro. RED of course has already had working 8K cinema cameras for a while with their MONSTRO and HELIUM cinema cameras. Panasonic claims to have an 8K capable camera for the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020. Now Canon also presented their 8K cinema camera concept.

The Canon 8K camera concept presented at Inter BEE 2018 has quite a compact body very similar to the Canon C300 Mark II. It will have a super 35mm sensor and an 8K processing unit inside and mind you that recording will not be done internally. You will have to find and attach an external 8K recording solution. According to Canon, the purpose of this demonstration is to research the market and to gather the customer’s opinion regarding future 8K demand.

Since this 8K camera is still only a prototype and future technology demonstration, there is no detailed explanation of its functions or ergonomics yet. The presented camera, however, looks to being very close to the production stage.

Canon has in fact already demonstrated the same system at the “Canon Expo” in 2015. It seems that Canon has had 8K technology for quite a while already. We can only guess the reason for not releasing a Canon 8K capable camera til now was because the 8K market has not grown enough yet. 8K is being promoted mainly in Japan – there were very few 8K demonstrations at international trade shows like NAB or IBC.

As Akimoto-san describes in the above video, Canon is observing the market and they are also trying to find other markets than the broadcast and cinema divisions. Even though creating a beautiful image with high resolution shooting is the straight forward usage for a Canon 8K camera, there are other areas that can benefit widely from the ultra-high resolution. For example in the scientific or security field 8K can be very beneficial mostly because of the additional flexibility to zoom-in the picture after it was recorded. Finding a specific person in a crowd would be a typical example of the usage in the security field.

In a similar manner as Panasonic, Akimoto-san mentioned the Olympic games in Tokyo in 2020 as a possible time for the release of a Canon 8K camera. We can probably also expect more affordable 8K consumer displays to be available by then.

What do you think of the Canon 8K concept camera? When do you think we can expect a real 8K boom in the broadcast and cinema industry? Let us know in the comments underneath the article.

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 Dan Hyman
Dan Hyman

Personally, I have no use for 8K. 4K is plenty for right now, maybe 5-6K, but we’re still delivering in clean 1080p. It’s all about the end user’s ability to view the content. Would love to see the next gen C300 or C400 have 4K with high frame rates, even better AF, internal RAW as an option and built in ProRes. The files sizes for 8K seem like they would be insane

Arturo Dickson

what he said!!!

Pedro Hofmann

well…. it would be nice to have strong Macs to edit this content. My maxed out i7 iMac 2017 cannot even handle H265 in 4k in realtime in Premiere CC. The data is also too much. If you record on CF in the C200 Canon 4K raw, you will fill the 256GB card in 34 min! 8K in 60p would be a mess. First… make ProRes RAW in good compressions available in camera or adobt the Blackmagic raw which looks like to have significant smaller file sizes and devides the process to get heavy workflow more out of the camera… Read more »

Wayne Lam

Nice to see a female reporter acknowledge the topics, great review. #Vancouverfilmmaker

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