Canon to release Cinema EOS C100 Mark II

Canon just announced the release of an updated version to its original C100, the C100 Mark II. Some of the highlights of the new model includes an higher frame rates (60 fps) in 1080p,  a practical new 3.5-inch 1.23 megapixel OLED display panel that pivots and rotates, internal mic build into the body, a build in 2.4 GHz and 5GHz WiFi support and as could be expected, Canon replaced the ageing DIGIC DV III Image Processor with the more sophisticated DIGIC DV 4.  

Canon EOS C100 Mrk2

Here is a look at the new specs and features:

  • Same Super 35mm CMOS Sensor (24.6 x 13.8 mm) as previous C100
  • Canon DIGIC DV4 image processor (improved edge transitions, low false color moiré, and enhanced overall color reproduction)
  • 1080p: 23.98, 25, 29.97, 50, 59.94
  • 720p: 23.98, 25, 29.97
  • 640 x 360: 23.98, 25, 29.97
  • ISO 320 to 80,000 in 1/3-step increments
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AutoFocus is Now Standard (Also includes Face Detection AF with STM Lenses)
  • Canon Log LUT Support on the HDMI Output (so you can see what the final image will look like while still recording log)
  • 4:2:0 to SD card, 4:2:2 via uncompressed HDMI out, Timecode over HDMI
  • Dual SDHC/SDXC Card Slots
  • Simultaneous recording in AVCHD or MP4 formats
  • AVCHD: 28, 24, 17, 7 Mb/s
  • MP4: 35, 24, 17, 4, 3, Mb/s
  • New 40% slow motion to 250% fast motion in MP4
  • AAC Audio Recording
  • Built-in 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi support
  • New internal mic built into the body, not just the top handle
  • New 1.23MP OLED Screen that can be tilted to the side of the camera
  • New 0.45″ 1.23 MP viewfinder

Canon’s press release states that the new camera will be available at the end of December 2014 for $5,499.

I’m excited to see Canon updating the C100 and can only hope that the C300 and C500 will follow suit. In addition to internal processing improvements, there are some additions that seem to have come from serious use in the field, shooter’s experiences and really listening to the C100 community gripes.

C300 Mrk 2 screen 1

The previous flimsy screen has been replaced with a rotating screen that can be tilted and swiveled to the side of the camera, controllable via menu buttons, and a new internal mic will record reference audio without the need of an external mic (the C300 needs this update soon as well!).



With the industry heavily shifting towards 4K, we can only hope that the C100 improvements will quickly reach the C300 to bring 4K as well as 1080p for higher frame rates, hopefully beyond 60 fps.

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Valentin Remy Reply
Valentin Remy October 22, 2014

Nice ! No 4K with an external recorder ? If the C300 brings a higher framerate than 60fps in 1080p and 4K internally, then it looks like I found my next investment !

Akpe Ododoru Reply
Akpe Ododoru October 22, 2014

i think the c300 mkII will definitely shoot 4K (when its released) just not sure its gonna be RAW.

Fef SouthKlan LaFranca Reply
Fef SouthKlan LaFranca October 22, 2014

No slomo just 60fps at 1080p!! WHY???!!

Chung Dha Lam Reply
Chung Dha Lam October 22, 2014

If you read it says 40% slomo but not sure how that works.

Nguyen Lam Reply
Nguyen Lam October 22, 2014

24fps/60fps x100 = 40%

Claire McHardy Reply
Claire McHardy October 22, 2014

I own the original C100 and although improvements have been made to the camera, there is almost 0 incentive to upgrade. Still expensive, still 4k and now even more bulky… :( 3 years too late?

Claire McHardy Reply
Claire McHardy October 22, 2014

Edit ” No 4k

Kenny Shem Reply
Kenny Shem October 22, 2014

yup. I am using c100 too and the incentive is not strong enough to change. Well, unless Canon has a good trade old for new scheme. I\’ve gotten myself a a7s which provides much more values at a good price.

Stacey de Graaff Reply
Stacey de Graaff October 22, 2014

Mikal Lefevre

Mikal Lefevre Reply
Mikal Lefevre October 22, 2014

Is dat je nieuwe aanwinst? Tijd voor een nieuwe kroket filmpje ;-)

Stacey de Graaff Reply
Stacey de Graaff October 22, 2014

Nee nog niet helaas. Wel iets om naar toe te werken ;)

Mikal Lefevre Reply
Mikal Lefevre October 22, 2014

Ben ik wel je assistent :p

Caleb Rasak Reply
Caleb Rasak October 22, 2014

They totally missed the Mark here (pun intended). They should have at least given broadcast quality internal recording at 422. Also where is the 4K! They can do internal 4K on a 1DC but not this camera! That just seems ridiculous. They need to at least add internal 4K on the C300 Mark II at the FS7 price range.

Clayton Moore Reply
Clayton Moore October 22, 2014

Not a very aggressive upgrade considering what both SONY and Panasonic have been up too. Its my guess they have NO intention of delivering in camera 4K under $!0,000. Thats not very agerssive at all. This is Canon continuing to leave the door wide open.

Clayton Moore Reply
Clayton Moore October 22, 2014

… and yes Caleb, you can buy a 1″ single chip camcorder from SONY that shoots 10bit 4:2:2 color for $2,200.

Yves Soglo Reply
Yves Soglo October 22, 2014

I don’t know what Canon are thinking these days. These minor updates are not enough and can’t justify spending 5400$

Tri D. Luu Reply
Tri D. Luu October 22, 2014

Damn it. I want to know more about this 40% slow motion deal.

Vid Rip October 22, 2014

Definitely improved. Definitely still not competitive. When one looks at at Sony FS-700 capability – including 10bit 4:2:2 out – plus 4K – plus raw – Canon continuing with AVCHD and basically stunting a great sensor and processor, makes little sense to me.

Nguyen Lam Reply
Nguyen Lam October 22, 2014

It is, if C100 has 4k, slow motion and stuff then who gonna buy C300 )))

Brett McLemore Reply
Brett McLemore October 24, 2014

Why should that matter?. Who\’s going to buy the C300 for twice the price of the FS7 if it has 4k, slow motion, and the future ability to go raw…and with the rig built in? Oh and with a better internal codec as well.

Andrew Orlow Reply
Andrew Orlow October 22, 2014

60 fps in 1080p, 4:2:0 $5,499 Facepalm

Balder Akermo Reply
Balder Akermo October 22, 2014

The sony fs7 sounds like its lightyears ahead. Embarrising.

Nguyen Lam Reply
Nguyen Lam October 22, 2014

24fps/60fps x100 = 40%

Laszlo Bardossy Reply
Laszlo Bardossy October 22, 2014

it is very expensive , BMCC 4k raw is 2500 Euro, C100 HD no raw about 4500 . . .

Kenny Shem Reply
Kenny Shem October 23, 2014

BMCC is not for event and solo shooter. It’s ergonomic is simply not there. I am using c100 and although the specs are not great, I have to say it is a wonderful cam for single shooter such as events and weddings. The usability and ergonomics are wonderful compared to many cam in the market. C100 mark 2 is simply not good enough for me to upgrade. Well, unless they have a very good trade old for new scheme. I have gotten myself a7s and it is wonderfully small and powerful although ergonomic is not as good as c100.

Wolfgang Ernst October 23, 2014

Dual pixel AF may be great. But the biggest issue of this innovative feature is the limitation of the AF area to just a small square in the middle of the frame. You can’t move this
focus square to another position of the frame. A touch screen with touch focus would be quite useful here enabling e.g. focus pull. (C100 markII is meant for single operator tasks, isn’t it?)

The 70D has both, dual pixel AF and a touch screen for 20% of the price of the C100markII.

Canon tries successfully to stay behind the competition safely.

Kenny Shem Reply
Kenny Shem October 23, 2014

yes, the center focus really limits the usefulness of this wonderful feature. A touch screen is a must like what 70D or even 700D has. I simply dont understand why canon refuse to give it to professional who requires such function more than normal consumer. I am expecting a new firmware update to C100 mark 1 to let us choose the spot to focus on tather than the center. I think there will be no hope of getting that now since they are launching Mark 2. For sure Canon will want us to change to mark 2.

Della Diaba Reply
Della Diaba October 23, 2014

Canon is a big looser! If they don’t give us what we crave for, they will be out of the market! I wonder if they listen to us at all. Why should I spend $ 5,499 on a camera that record at higher frame, no 4K, no 10bit when I could by Sony PXW FS7 at $ 8,000. Is Canon taking note of the challenge thrown by Sony?

Wolfgang Ernst October 23, 2014

Yes, Canon is losing ground. In their recent marketing campaign they have given an honest explanation why they are not able to catch up with competition:
-“Impossible” –

Clayton Moore Reply
Clayton Moore October 23, 2014

Having worked at Apple, I aways assume that a company makes certain choices deliberately not because they are unable too for one reason or another. I understand Canon is a conservative and slow moving company. But until now, it never occurred to me that for whatever reason, they may be unable to rise to the occasion. It might be they have recently (in the past 24 months or so) lost some key engineering muscle needed to stay in the game. After all its just people and if you loose key people on your team at the wrong moment, for any reason it has the potential to set you back.

Claire McHardy Reply
Claire McHardy October 23, 2014

Whats sad for me is that Canon is a ghost at the trade shows. At IBC where allot of camera men/ women visit Canon felt absent. They would not show any C100 Mark 2 products, they would not show the new 7D mk2 and they were pretty set on not listening to any of their consumers. Its like they have their fingers in their ears screaming ” lalalalalalalalallalala ” while someone lists the accompaniments in the Sony camp. I will be keeping my C100 but i will also be in talks to by the FS7 and A7s. I really like Canon cameras, but they are making it so difficult for us to stay.

I wish they did take longer to make the cameras, if the cameras came out right. 4K for pits sake… how hard can that be.

Wolfgang Ernst October 23, 2014

Before the recent releases of C100II or 7DII I wouldn’t have gone that far assuming that Canon has lost manpower in development. But now, I’m afraid you are right, Clayton. In the past Canon was well known to develop slowly but surely. Obviously it has become worse. Canon now seems not even to be able to implement a feature in the C100II which is a strong feature of their cheap 70D. The 70D has dual pixel AF AND a touch screen. Dual pixel AF is nice but without touch screen it’s a lukewarm solution. You can’t move the fixed focus area in the center to another frame position, e.g. for focus pull.

The C100II has been given a new screen, but it’s not touch functional. Why??? Everything is already there in the 70D. Does Canon not even have a trainee who could do this task? Is it that bad, Canon?

Clayton Moore Reply
Clayton Moore October 23, 2014

Wolfgang, its typical that a company has separate teams. The 70D would be a high end consumer product and possibly part of the consumer still camera team. The C100 is a whole other group of people entirely. It seems like it would be simple…. but trust me, its anything but.

Jef Gibbons Reply
Jef Gibbons October 24, 2014

I have to agree with you Della. Being a C100, 5DMK3 owner, this is all getting old. I\’m amazed at the comments that say they don\’t need 4K now. 4K for now has the incredible bonus of the ability to be cropped, and the other even bigger deal is that all footage you shoot now will be future-proofed when everything finally does go 4K, and it will! Definitely looking at the Sony camp now…

Claire McHardy Reply
Claire McHardy October 24, 2014

Can somone please create a petition or could the webmasters for websites like this one gather together and get on the phone to Canon and just tell them all of the issues here. NO touch screen so AF is weak. No 4k compressed internal or external through HDMI. No external audio controls on the camera body for 3rd party connected microphones while the handle is not connected. Slow motion up to only 50 or 60 fps while the new cameras have already moved on to 100 and over with the iPhone hitting a 200+ speed.

If im missing anything please add to this list and lets start emailing Canon.
Im a C100 owner who loved Canon and its sad to see what is happening to a company that had such a great direction.

Before we all move to Sony lets give them one last chance and see what their response is.

Clayton Moore Reply
Clayton Moore October 24, 2014

I have read that Canon has said 4k is coming in 2015. Running from its consumer camcorder line through the pro line video and the Cinema EOS line. BUT here is the problem: In this environment, people who make money with their gear need a company who is responsive to their needs and keeps them current. In order to remain competitive video professionals need companies to be \”partners\” in a way. No matter what is released in 2015, Panasonic and SONY appear to understand this, clearly Canon does not.

Wolfgang Ernst October 25, 2014

I have gone through Canon’s financial results of QII/14 published recently. In short:
Canon reported an increased profit despite decreased net sales volume. Canon is quite a healthy company, they have almost 0.75 billion $ cash. This might also be their main problem.
Canon’s business structures have gained weight, having overweight and overhead, they can’t move fast anymore.
Clayton has given here a good example which demonstrates this situation. It’s typical for inflexible and fossilized structures in development: One team develops new imaging technology for the consumer business, another team does it for the professional business. No team up, unbelievable. This sounds so much ridiculous so that must be true.

As for instance the D70. Two features of this DSLR have obviously been developed by the consumer team, namely the dual pixel AF in combination with touch screen. A really nice and useful solution. But only the new dual Pixel AF found its way to the C100II lately, without touch screen! Because of the limitation of the dp AF (center only) the combination with a touch screen makes is a must.

Canon’s “rich man’s demeanor” overrules the common understanding that innovation is the primary force that pushes a company to market leadership and keeps it ahead of its rivals. It’s an attitude which is commonly known with politicians. Don’t do anything then you won’t do anything wrong.

This “rule of fool” holds true for selling whisky or bathroom tissues, sure not for high tech products. An increasing technology gap between Canon and competition may be compensated with money – for a while. But once this gap is big enough the race is over. Canon then will not be able to catch up even with all their money they have.

I have come to see Canon’s garbled marketing motto “See Impossible” in another light:

“We at Canon SEE that it is IMPOSSIBLE to catch up with our competition”

Clayton Moore Reply
Clayton Moore October 25, 2014

The unfortunate part about this whole deal is that the C100-C500 cameras are almost perfectly designed in many ways for single user work. Zacuto’s Recoil rig and those cameras are the best. All Canon had to do was keep the technology in that camera current and and for anyone who already has Canon glass it’s a no brainer. It seems so simple. …. what a waste!!!

Kenny Shem Reply
Kenny Shem October 26, 2014

Frankly speaking, if c100 mk2 has touch screen coupled with dual pixel AF, I will immediately upgrade my mk1. I do not need 4k as the consumer 4k market is still sluggish in that aspect. 4k will still need 2 -3 years to be common in most household. 60p 1080 is nice but 120 will be even better. If iPhone can do 240, I don\’t see why such an expensive camera cannot do even 120.

Wolfgang Ernst October 26, 2014

Kenny, I fully agree. I would as well jump on the C100II immediately if it has at least dp AF WITH touch screen. This combination is a truly innovative feature which no one of the competition can beat (so far, at least performance wise because of dp AF) The same applies for 120 fps.
The bad thing is, it’s not the question whether the present hardware is ready for these features or not. The C100II sensor plus DIGIC 4 or 5 would certainly enable these features.

But grand father Canon knows what we really need. “Eat what we serve you, because only I know what is benficial for your health and wealth”.

Ignorance has been the killer of quite some high tech companies in the past. (I can give you examples from my own experiences)

What is Canon’s reaction to our requests?
Canon has already given an unintentionally cheeky answer in their garbled marketing campaign recantly:
“Because we don’t see what you see. At Canon we see impossible”.

There is nothing left to be added.

Cable Williams Reply
Cable Williams October 26, 2014

I would look at getting the new mkii but only if the image is that much better than the original. I am a broadcast camera operator and to be honest the addition of things such as dual pixel af is pushing great cameras like these into the consumer market and making camera operators lazy. For me its all in the image and if its an investment or not. After the F5 hack was found I think alot of people have lost alot of trust in sony and with all the extra features ml gave canon dslr users…. makes you wounder what these cameras can really do and how many features are sitting locked in camera.

Claire McHardy Reply
Claire McHardy October 26, 2014

I love my C100 for many reasons but like all people would like to see a genuine improvement.

There is no doubt in my mind that there is allot of functionality locked away in this camera and in the MK1. I believe it is as simple as changing the HDMI circuit board to a 4k HDMI socket and this thing could pump out 4k without hesitation. I believe the key to getting touch screen would have been as simple as an extra layer of touch sensitive plastic over the screen with a cable fed to a touch chip feeding info to the Digic4 in the same way as the 70D. I believe the camera has the power to record prores internally with a software upgrade. I would happily fund a kickstarter campaign to back engineers that can open this camera up and tear down the gates.

Im tired of waiting for Canon and their dodgy business plan. They are holding back technology, they are holding back my career and they are holding us who have invested so heavily into their products to ransom.

I think Canon should be made very aware of the upset surrounding their Cinema series of cameras and someone should do something about it. C100 mk 1 users want to see some results. We have spoken clearly as to what we need in the cameras and we are not seeing any results.

Cutting bits off of the C300 and gluing them onto the C100 is not what we are looking for. I would hate to think that the Canon guys are sitting around a table or at a party congratulating themselves for this recent release.

Look at the GH4, Look at the A7s, Look at the FS7 look at these forums. We are leaving if things dont move forward.

Anyway its too frustrating. I love my C100 and cant upgrade to this pathetic mk2.

Kenny Shem Reply
Kenny Shem October 26, 2014

Canon needs to buck up on their customer retaining policy. Obviously my mk1 can do much more but due to their protectionism mindset, they are forcing you to spend money to buy their new model. This is no good for us canon supporters. When you come out with a new model, why don’t they allow us to trade in the old model and top up some difference? I will gladly do that for every c100 version they come out in future. If that’s not possible you should give more firmware upgrade to unlock the potential the c100 still has. This is very disgusting of Canon to come out with a new model without fully explored the potential of the previous model.

Wolfgang Ernst October 27, 2014

Cable, please explain to an non broadcast cameraman why dual pixel AF is “…. pushing great cameras like these into the consumer market and making camera operators lazy”. Why on earth?

It’s the same needless question as if you would ask an airliner pilot why does he the landing approach using the aircraft’s autopilot. Is he non-professional because of that? Is he lazy?

Do you operate the C100 rigged up with a follow focus as single operator or do you have a focus puller besides you? If yes, YOU are lazy.

How do you focus while running behind any person of interest e.g. on the street? How do you focus an interview where the person nervously moves forwards and backwards? Yes, you can’t be lazy as you have to turn the follow focus wheel continuously with mixed success.

Statements as yours are sniffy and arrogant. Maybe you are afraid of “consumers” who steal your show.
“Consumers” may shoot successfully with less effort while you are trying to impress with your
“professional” looking monster rig.

Any auto function is only helpful as long as it optimizes the final result per time. Full stop.

Cable Williams Reply
Cable Williams October 29, 2014

haha rant much? Ill rant back :) I am not a c100 user I am a dslr shooter in my spare time and a user of sony XD cams for broadcast. I am just interested in the camera and wish to have an investment not a 18month camera 4 year paper weight.
I have never used a focus puller. I use either the lens barrel on the xd cam to rack focus and a follow focus with my dslr.
All I was getting at was assistant tools such as dual pixel af and some cosmetic upgrades are not enough to release a new model of camera alone. Is it a big enough improvement to spend an extra $1k? is the new viewfinder worth looking at?
Is the reference audio better now because its in the body?
Have they kept the camera running for long periods of time with out over heating using the new chip?
how much better is the new chip in low light?
For canon to complete in the market they are going to have to work harder to keep their loyal customers, there are just too many options.
I am a run and gun solo shooter. I shoot court, I shoot vips, I shoot animals, sport, drama… I am behind a camera +30 hrs a week.
I have no issue with tools but here is my view. We have never had this tech before and got great images so why do we need it now?
Dual pixel af to me is a gimmick. People now more than ever need to protect their assets in the industry. Your biggests assets are not your kit but your skills as a operator.
Making dummy modes on pro class cameras is fine but it means anyone can pick it up and be an “ok” operator if they have a steady hand and a few hrs to spare.
So whats the point of hiring someone if its easy to do?
Things people want are better compression, better image quality, better audio in camera, better colour space these are things worth investing in not a one push af function… I got a Iphone for that.

Kenny Shem Reply
Kenny Shem October 29, 2014

I dont agree. Deal AF is a big deal to me as I shoot lots of wedding. This is especially useful when u are shooting the bride walking down the aisle with a 70-200 lens. Before dual af I have to manual focus and most of the time I can only get 2-3 secs of shots in focus and I have to keep on adjusting the focus ring. With dual af i do not need to touch the focus ring at all and can get almost the whole duration in focus. This is a big deal. It is also useful when doing steadicam shot with shallow depth of field.

Cable Williams Reply
Cable Williams October 29, 2014

Sure it has its uses like everything does but the main question is……. Is it worth the extra money? Not owning either camera would you a get A. Base C100 MK1 for cheaper if it price drops in a few months B. Dual Pixel upgrade C100 MK1 for extra $500 C. New C100 MK2 for a current price $1000 more than the current original. Are the new features worth the extra price point? Sure AF features are nice and it could be a great but we could do it before why do we need it now? why replace a skill with a button?

Kenny Shem Reply
Kenny Shem October 30, 2014

I’ve already upgraded my c100 mark 1 to dual focussing so to me I’m not going to change to mark 2. Its definitely not worth the money. For someone without c100, I would say just go for mark 2 straight. You will be getting a much better improved viewfinder which is plain useless on mark 1. To me, the viewfinder upgrade and with the capability to shift focus area is good enough to justify a buy of mark 2 over 1. $1000 is a lot of money but it will be well spent just on these 2 improved features.

Cable Williams Reply
Cable Williams October 30, 2014

has anyone seen any new footage? how does the new chip preform compared to the old one? Thanks for a rational responce kenny.

Clayton Moore Reply
Clayton Moore October 26, 2014

Think about it:

SONY PXW 70 Camcorder a single 1” chip camera that can record “in camera” 10 bit 4:2:2 color,
SDI out, Full size HDMI, touch screen, upgradable to 4k next year with a paid firmware upgrade…..
for $2,299.

Black Magic Pocket CIn camera internal HD 1080 “internal” 12 bit recording with 13 stops of dynamic range for $999.

Sensor size and erogonomics aside, if you just look at the “imaging” your getting elsewhere for the money, Canon C100 MKII customers are getting ripped off.

Wolfgang Ernst October 27, 2014

“Sensor size and ergonomics aside . . . C100 MKII customers are getting ripped off.” I agree with each word, Clayton.
Yes, Canon, it’s truly that bad.

In the price range up to 2.500 $ (half of the C100 II price) you are getting today’s most advanced video imaging technique – most of them from Sony (A7s, PXW 70, AX100) and Pany (GH4, LX100: 4k, 800,-$).

But even Samsung, a company better known for its electric and electronic consumer products, shoots themselves ahead of Canon with their highly innovative NX1:

4k internal
h.265 codec with 40Mbps for 4k video (first time ever in DSLR)
(same IQ but half the files size of 100 Mbps h.264 footage)
15 fps with continuous AF at full res
new hybrid AF: phase AND contrast AF covering 90% of frame area
extreme fast AF: 55 ms
touch screen (of course, it goes without saying these days)
EVF OLED 2.36 million dots, 0.005 seconds delay
and . . . and . . .
. . . . for 1.500 $ !!!

The NX1 is another innovative camera, which makes Canon looking like a complete fool.

BTW – “getting ripped off” – here is something to laugh:
Do you know that Canon sells the C100 remote controller RC-V100 for 2.999,- $ ?
There is nothing fancy in this item, just a RC with many function knobs. But it costs twice as much as e.g. the NX1 body! It’s beyond believe, should one laugh or cry?

Claire McHardy Reply
Claire McHardy October 27, 2014

These points are valid. Can someone on the forum track down the contact details of the people responsible for the C100 Mk2. We need to bring them into this conversation and get some answers. They cannot be allowed to think that everything is shiny and good or they will continue down the wrong path. We need an intervention.

Clayton Moore Reply
Clayton Moore October 27, 2014

Claire, Most of us think based on the market, this is a lame, short sided and over-priced update. But: Whoever, or whomever at Canon gave the final word on a list of features for this update, does not care I can promise you. They have (I assume) a larger product roadmap they are working on of which this camera is only a part. At Apple, Steve Jobs was the ultimate word on how products were developed. The engineering and design teams worked at his behest. He was the ultimate thumbs up or down on design ideas. What was unique about Steve was his hyper focus on the product, not sales numbers, or stock prices, or inventories, only The Product. Apple had and still has other people to keep track of the rest and to insure Steve’s vision could fit a viable corporate model. There is of course, no person like the late Steve Jobs at Canon, but there is likely a few people between marketing and the CEO’S offices who decide. The decision they make, is what a camera design and engineering team has to conform to. So the people responsible for the C100 update are well shielded from the public you can be sure. Between customer support engineering and and technical support word trickles up. How much they care will depend on the impact to sales in relationship to whatever their plans are for that product line. We don\’t know what that is against the big picture, and weather users feel ripped off by this one release is not important to them.

Clayton Moore Reply
Clayton Moore November 2, 2014

Claire, If You\’ve not seen this, you need to take a look. It gives real perspective to what Canon has not done. This (as you know) cost less then a 10th of a C100 MKII.