Canon T4i / 650D – video samples / noisetest

The just recently announced Canon EOS 650D will hit the shelves pretty soon. We just received a beta version of the camera and I went out to take some video samples to see how the sensor performs.

This was all handheld with the $200 Canon 55-250mm IS lens and there was no color correction applied.

The beta firmware version had some limitations like I couldn’t adjust the white balance or had wrong exposure at times. This should be resolved in the final version.

The handling of the camera was nice, although I didn’t find the button layout perfect for video (having to reach with the wrong hand to the wrong side of the camera).

I didn’t test audio or autofocus with the dedicated STM lenses (see announcement: LINK).

Thanks to for providing wonderful music. Check out their licensing database, it’s a great website.
The song used here is called “Arrows Fly” by “Afterlife Parade”: LINK

There is a kit version with Canon’s new Video-AF lens the EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM for $1199.

Europeans get the Canon 650D here

[UPDATE:] Noise Test
This is a comparison between the noise on Canon EOS 7D and a beta Canon EOS 650D.
All internal noise reduction was switched off, same picture profile.

$ exc. VATNo Longer Available

Watch it on Vimeo

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