Canon EOS M10 Review – Real-World Video & Impressions

It has been a while since we last saw Canon bring new stills cameras, that also shoot video, to the market. But with the Canon M10, here is a new candidate for a first look review by cinema5D.

Admittedly, Canon has been rather slow when it comes to innovation on the video side. In fact, the last Canon EOS DSLR camera that made any impact on the market for clean image quality was the Canon 5D mark III, introduced in 2012. It seems like Canon chose to abandon the community which supported and built their reputation when it comes to stills cameras that shoot video.

I guess Canon’s priority to protect their higher professional market is the reason we are not seeing much improvement in video quality from their DSLRs and their mirrorless line. Only time will tell if I am right but for now, I have two of their new entry-level models to check: The Canon EOS M10 (APS-C sensor size, interchangeable lens camera) and the Canon PowerShot G5 X (1” sensor size, fixed lens).

This review will focus on the Canon EOS M10. Our Canon PowerShot G5 X review will be available shortly. 

canon eos m10 review 1

Introducing the Canon EOS M10

The EOS M10 is the fourth in Canon’s mirrorless family line and is positioned even below the Canon EOS M3. Unlike other manufacturers who are dominating the mirrorless market, it seems like Canon is “taking it slowly and very cautiously”, by releasing only entry level models within the sector. A reliable source has told me that the “EOS M” family was moved from being a part of the DSLR department to the consumer department.

The EOS M10 is being sold together with a kit lens, for almost $500. An additional EF-M 55-200mm lens can be purchased separately to complete your mini-filming set. Needless to say that most, if not all, Canon EF lenses – including 3rd party models – can be used with the EOS M family cameras when combined with a proper lens adapter.

I don’t expect Canon to include all the “bells and whistles” or the latest technology in an entry-level camera. I do, however, wish they would have been more daring in implementing higher resolution / frame rates in all their EOS M line – allowing them to better compete with other manufacturers in this segment and not only “straighten the line” when it comes to those specifications. After all, this camera is directly competing with the Sony A5100 which was introduced in August 2014 (Check out the review here).

canon eos m10 review 2

I don’t want to bore you with details related to this very ordinary camera, so I’ll fast forward to its strengths and weaknesses.

Strengths: (in no particular order)

  • Manual movie control
  • Good LCD screen
  • Mini HDMI output (as opposed to micro HDMI many mirrorless cameras are using)
  • Canon EF lenses can be used (with the optional EF-EOS M mount adapter)
  • Touch screen focus is working well with the supplied kit lens
  • World camera (PAL/NTSC)

Weaknesses: (in no particular order)

  • 1080/25p, 720/50 only…
  • No headphone jack
  • No external microphone input
  • No EVF
  • Short battery life
  • The bundled Canon EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 lens is slow and limited in range
  • If you are using a tripod, the tripod plate has to be removed every time you need to change the battery
  • For some reason, AWB gave me more accurate WB results than outdoor/indoor settings
  • Strong aliasing in fine details like hair
  • 2012 video quality

Not tested: Shooting above ISO 1000. HDMI clean output.

canon eos m10 review 3


The Canon EOS M10 is an entry-level large sensor camera. If you are willing to compromise functionality and video quality, this is the camera for you. Personally, I find it hard to work in bright daylight without an EVF. Also, no audio input is an obstacle for me when it comes to documentary style shooting.

On the other hand, if you like that “Canon look”, this camera certainly has it. Furthermore, if you are a Canon user who is looking for a B camera to have in your bag, this might be a perfect option if you’re on a budget.

About this video: 

Shot on 1080p 25fps, Neutral picture profile (all setting set to “0”). Edited with Adobe Premiere CC 2015.
Colour correction: FilmConvert.
For the full equipment list, please see below.

Music: musicbed, Title: Winter Solstice by Andrew Judah

Many thanks to Sarah Ware. Discover more about her jewellery world.

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Eno Popescu January 13, 2016

“2012 video quality”, I say more like 2008 video quality.

Johnnie Behiri January 13, 2016

Can we settle for 2010?

Tulio Campregher January 14, 2016

2012 “Canon” video quality

David Wilson January 13, 2016

This is 2016 ?

How much longer before the average Joe finds out Sony/Panasonic are streets ahead for Video and gives Canon a miss.

4k at 25/30 fps and HD at 50/60 fps is the minimum in 2016.

More out of date on day one products from Canon.

 Christoph Lindemann Reply
Christoph Lindemann January 13, 2016

this looks really poor – compression artifacts all over the place – great lens – bad chip/camera

Arnold Finkelstein Reply
Arnold Finkelstein January 13, 2016

There is a group of us who are entertained by the kids who look at and review low end stills cameras and then are disappointed by their video quality, as if they’ve been unfairly denied something the manufacturer owes them. The guy in that photo looks like an adult. What is an adult doing reviewing this? Is this a parody review?

Sebastian Wöber Reply
Sebastian Wöber January 13, 2016

Hey Arnold,
There are other low-end stills cameras that actually have potential and many of us are interested to shoot with these small cameras nowadays. Personally I appreciate Johnnie going out and giving a camera like this a fair chance. Only like this we will know which cameras are good and which are not so good. I think the work that goes into these reviews deserves a more respectful comment. Please try again.

Matt Smith Reply
Matt Smith January 13, 2016

What Sebastian said too :)

 Dmitri Tsitelauri Reply
Dmitri Tsitelauri January 14, 2016

100% with you Sebastian! Im very interested in low end stills cameras and Johnnie, please dont stop testing them.

Johnnie Behiri January 15, 2016

Sure thing Dmitri!

Matt Smith Reply
Matt Smith January 13, 2016

Low end “stills” cameras? You mean like the Panasonic GM1, G7, G6, GX7? The Sony a6000, a5100? The Samsung NX500? I don’t “expect” good video quality from these “low end” cameras but they provide superb video quality that is about seven years ahead of this Canon camera. Even Nikon’s low end DSLR’s like the D3300 have superior video quality.

Peter Kent January 16, 2016

There is a group of us who are entertained by the kids who look at reviews of video features in low end stills cameras and troll the comments. I haven’t commented in a while but have loved all of Johnnie’s camera reviews, they’re always inspirational despite the gear, please keep it up. (BTW I still love shooting with my EOS M!)

Johnnie Behiri January 18, 2016

Thank you Peter!

Will do.

Panagiotis Gournis August 29, 2016

Yeap. It’s pointless to review only expensive cameras. If that case, all we need is to read the newsletter from Hasselblad and Arri.

Matthew Hartman January 13, 2016

Canon just doesn’t get it. They want to protect their top of the line because they know darn well people want to and will pay less for internal 4k in a smaller form factor in the prosumer market.

Talk about stretching customers over your brand. What they don’t realize is they are practically handing business to Panasonic, Sony, Samsung and now Nikon. Add to think that not long ago Canon was the staple.

The lines between a dedicated video camera and a video capable DSLR are so thin now. No XLR? No internal ND? No problem. The aftermarket has your back. Easily remedied.

A $400 2010 image in a 2015 body?

Really Canon?

cinema5D Reply
cinema5D January 13, 2016


Thanks for a priceless contribution to the conversation. If I managed to make you laugh, I’m happy. I guess you need much of it.

All the best.


Arnold Finkelstein Reply
Arnold Finkelstein January 13, 2016

I apologize for a post that made you want to be sarcastic and attempt to be hurtful. Would you care to make a genuine response to my comment or leave it as it is?

Philip Bloom Reply
Philip Bloom January 13, 2016

Another lovely piece, it does become clear that as long as you don’t pixel peep Johnny really shows better than anyone that skills and talent transcend any camera. On the camera side it is a real shame that Canon just don’t try at all anymore in the stills cameras. After all Sony and Panasonic both have really good cameras that shoot video and stills in the low end. It really is a shame.

Francesco Corsini January 13, 2016

You show us, that the tool is not important to tell a beautiful story. congrats Johnnie…

David Wilson January 16, 2016

Do you think Lewis Hamilton would be F1 Champ in 2015 if he wasn’t driving a Mercedes ?

Equipment does matter.

If your budget is limited why waste it on the out of date spec Canon here when there are so many low cost still/video cameras that are far better ?

BX Miklos Nemeth Reply
BX Miklos Nemeth January 13, 2016

My impressions and conclusion are completely different from most of the other fellow commentators. I enjoyed tremendously this video, because the talent was interesting. What she was doing was interesting. The craftmanship of the videographer was excellent. I loved the shallow DoF look tremendously. I remember how I was impressed with the movie Johnnie made with the Sony A5100, another tiny APS-C camera. Would I buy an M10? No way. Do I love movies made with M10? Definitely, especially when made with care about an interesting contents.

 Tommi Kivimäki Reply
Tommi Kivimäki January 13, 2016

Once again a beautiful story. I really liked it! The camera itself is not interesting. I just cannot downgrade from Sony ;)

Johnnie Behiri January 13, 2016

Philip, Francesco, BX Miklos Nemeth, Tommi.

Thanks for the thumbs up. Truly appreciated!


BX Miklos Nemeth Reply
BX Miklos Nemeth January 14, 2016

I am so happy that eventually the majority of the commenters love and adore your work, and appreciate your efforts to demonstrate that videography is not about pixel-peeping; it can be doable at a very high level with only $500 gear (+ $800 lens). No need for $10000 rigs to make a lovely documentary like your movie above. Thank you so much, Miki

sanveer mehlwal January 13, 2016

Arnold Finkelstein, the Panasonic G7 was about $597 till about a week ago (along with a kit lens), and it does some great 4k, apart from many other great tricks the M10 doesn’t.

Yves Soglo January 13, 2016

Great video and great editing as always. It really shows that your talent is the most important thing and not the camera. That being said, this is a 500$ camera that failed to impress.

Johnnie Behiri January 14, 2016

Thank you Yves for watching the video and commenting.

I truly hope Canon will get their acts together and start delivering modern well priced working tools.

Miltos PAVLOU January 14, 2016

Johnnie, it’s incredible how you make inspirational videos and solid stuff out of any camera. Happy new year!
The pace-rhythm of the video and the passionate eye on your subject demonstrates that any camera is good to tell a story.

Who am I to pixel peep the video quality, and who cares? Of course, we are all – including our lonely white and L-red stripe lenses – disappointed by Canon, but this may change.

Congrats also to Sarah for the important message, others get the lesson when it is really too late to change course…

Johnnie Behiri January 15, 2016

Hi Miltos.

Thank you for your kind warm words. Appreciated.

And yes, Sarah is an extremely talented person who knows how to express herself in a friendly loud and clear way.

Thanks again!


Markus Magnon January 14, 2016

I cannot understand all the hate against Canon.
For 500 Dollars… the image looks fine. Skin Color looks better than in any other Canon Camera. Don’t know if he uses some Flat Picture style… but the grading is very good.

All the other cameras from sony, panasonic sure have the ability of 4K. But i do not have a 4K Monitor at the moment. And most of the people can’t even see a big difference between 1080p and 720p.

The image itself of panasonic, sony, etc… cameras looks a bit better than those images from a Canon 5D Mark 2.
To me… panosnic, sony… still looks like “2012 Video Quality”, too.

If you want somthing more “cinematic”… than go wirh Blackmagic, or Red, or “Canon Magic Lantern RAW”.

The image i get from Canon RAW is much better than the image form Panasonic or Sony… even if its only “1440 pixel”… and scaled up to fits 1080p. I don’t care about HighIso, FPS, 4k.

When i decide to buy a new camera… i would go for the “Canon 5D mark 3” + “ML Raw”. I’m not happy with the Black Magic cameras. I love RED… but if you don’t habe 10.000 Dollars… the best buy today is still a Canon 5D mark 3 or 5D Mark 2.

To all the people here who said: “2016 is all about 4k”.
next year its all about 4.6k, 5k, or 6k. Whatever. Its
the same with Megapixel in Still camera. Its bullshit!

Take a look at this Video… its ONLY 720p and very noisy, too.
Naked Ski and Snowboard Segment from VALHALLA

And it still 10x times better than those images from panasonic, sony, whatever.

People have to move away to think a camera is only good when
you can shoot “Low light” and “4k” an “120 fps at 1080p”.

David Wilson January 14, 2016

I suggest you try the Sony A7Rii or A7Sii as you clearly don’t know what the current market is like. I say that as someone you owns the Sony A7Rii and the Canon 5D ii. Canon have great lens at reasonable prices that’s it. The reason for the Anti Canon comments for me is having invested in lens from Canon I keep hoping to find an amazing 4k body to put them on with a electronic viewfinder from Canon at sub £3k – this is 2016 !

Markus Magnon January 14, 2016

If you google “Sony A7s vs Canon 5D Mark 3” … the image in Daylight looks almost the same. Of course 4k is nice (more details), and low light is much better. But the image itself looks very similar. Its not like “DSRL vs. RED” or “DSLR vs. Black Magic” where you really see a different.

To me, the old Canon DSLR Cameras looks very similar to the “new Panasonic, Sony” Cameras. For example take a look at this video:

Sony A7 II Vs Canon 5D Mark iii

And than tell me that panasonic, sony is sooooo much better.
No. Its not. Maybe you got 4K, better FPS, ISO, Low Light.
Flast Picture Style Profiles. whatever. But the image
in “normal daylight” from a Sony looks almost the same
like from a Canon DSLR.

yes. Sony, Panasonic, etc… brings out very good cameras.
And Canon release one shitty camera after another the last
the last year. Yes. thats true. But the “new camera” from
pansonic, sony… are not 10x times better.

And what about the “Canon EOS C100”
You can get the “Canon EOS C100” for 2900 Euros!
Take a look at the image on vimeo… you can get
from a Canon C100. It looks fantastic!

I’m so bored about
4K, High ISO, more FPS, flat picture Styles, and
12, 14 Steps Dynamic Range. Go on and hate Canon.

Have a look at Films like
“Frances Ha”. (Shoot with a Canon 5D Mark 2)
“Victoria” (Shoot with a Canon C300)
“House Season 6 Finale” (Shoot with Canon 5D Mark 2)

The new Canon Cameras suck. Yes. But the “old” Cameras
like the Canon 5D mark 2 and 3 .. and Canon C100 are
still very good.

I really don’t care abput the 4k hybe. Sure, its the future.
But If i can get a 2K RAW Filmkamera… i go for the 2K Filmcamera… and not for some shitty “DSLR Video look” 4K.
I filmed with analog 16mm, RED, Blackmagic, Sony a7s and 5D mark 2…
but keep saying i cleary don’t know anything about the current market. Maybe for some wedding director the “Sony a7s” is intersting to film in a dark church with candelight. Sure…
than the Sony is much better than the Canon 5D Mark 2.
Sorry.. but i don’t get it. Go on, hate Canon. I’m still
using my old canon cameras.. and i love them. “with Magic Lantern RAW”.

David Wilson January 14, 2016

4k Hype ? – Sky will be selling 4k boxes early this year, everyone I know, who has bought a new TV in the last 6 months, has bought a 4k one. Netflix 4k is only a £1 over the standard HD cost. GoPro are selling shed loads of 4k cameras , wonder where people watch the output from them? I claim to known nothing about video or photography beyond the technical issues and the current market but I think Philip Bloom does and maybe you should read his comment here.

Markus Magnon January 14, 2016

This is exactly the problem. In cinema i love to see 4k instead of 2k. TV, netflix also. The Film-Productions you will see there are shoot with professional Cameras like Arri, Red, etc. In 4K.

If you buy a camera between 500-3000 Dollars… i care more about RAW, look, than about 4k, dynmaic range, isos, etc. 10 Years ago i saw some very nice videos shot with a “Professional Video Kamera” in “Pal-Widescreen” .. blown up to 35mm Film. And the image was much better than any “HD” image.

Philip Bloom said that the diector is more impotrant than the camera. And its a shame that canon dont produce good cameras anymore. I fully agree.

About the 4K thing. Go an shoot with an IPhone 6 in 4K.
I still would prefer a “Black magic Pocket camera” in only 2K.
In cinema5d and other “foto/film blogs” it is a
“4k” / “more ISO”, “more FPS”, “more dynamic range” Hype.

The image sensor, “the look”, raw (or h264), is much more
important than dynamic range, iso, 4k.

If you want to produce for Netflix. Would you shoot
with “Sony A7S 2” in 4K, or With ca “Canon C100” ???
(its almost the same price).. and the image with a
“Canon C100” in 2k is much better than the “4k” from
Sony A7s.

And yes. C100 is an old camera. I don’t care if iphone
or camerra around 500-2000 Euros will have 4K.
The image still looks have the “DSLR” Look which i also
get from Canon 5D mark 2. Now in 4K. so what?

BX Miklos Nemeth Reply
BX Miklos Nemeth January 14, 2016

Hi Markus, you wrote “Take a look at this Video… its ONLY 720p and very noisy, too…. And it still 10x times better than those images from panasonic, sony, whatever.” I think you have fallen into the trap of your own logic. You defend Canon, just because it is technically way inferior than Sony/Panasonic, rather than saying that the brand doesn’t matter, only the talent, creativity of the movie maker. I think even the cameras in smart phones are good enough to say that only the crator’s capabilities are important. Johnnie, is practically boasting blatantly (in a positive sense, of course) “Guys, I can do a movie like this with a $500 camera, now show your own.”

Markus Magnon January 14, 2016

Fallen into my own trap?
I don’t defend Canon. I wrote that they bring alot of shitty cameras out last year. The low light chip from sony… love it. GH4 is also nice. But the 4k, high iso or more FPS doesn’t change much the image/look i can get from a Canon 5D Mark 2.

I came here… and everyone is like “Its not 4K, Wake up Canon, its 2016” .. Netflix is 4K, nanananananan.

I just want to show you some examples that you can have better quality in 720p (no matter if its Canon or RED, or Black Magic) and it will looks 10x times better than Sony A7s or IpHone 6S 4K.

Of course oyu can make a great movie with an iPhone, too.
I’m a big fan of Dogma95 and watched a lot DV Films, too.

Again. I’m not defending Canon. I’m just tired of this
4k, low light, iso, fps bullshit talk. And that sony, panasonic is so much better. No its not. Compare “C100”
to “A7s 2” (same price range).

 Heiner Greenman Reply
Heiner Greenman March 3, 2016

yes, agree! I think the picture of the M10 looks quite good!

 Bryan Conover Reply
Bryan Conover January 14, 2016

Hey Canon…said goodbye to your abilities of shooting decent video years ago. I have absolutely lost confidence your company will ever release 4K to everyday consumers…Moving on to Panasonic.

 Bilal Haidar Reply
Bilal Haidar January 24, 2016

why make everything look like a pro film camera settup

Ruhayat X February 7, 2016

Hi Johnnie,

compared to the Sony A5100, which would be your pick for a street docu cam? I am looking for a discreet compact body to use when shooting in places like a train station when I don’t have a permit. The main content is a food travelogue, featuring VJ shots, food shots, B-roll (of the journey and the environment), and interviews with patrons and owners. Currently I use a Blackmagic Pocket.


Johnnie Behiri February 8, 2016

Hi Ruhayat.

If not in an urgent need, why not wait a bit for the Sony a6300?. I’m yet to test this camera in “real life documentary situations” but on paper, this new offering from Sony looks like a better production tool. Besides the higher resolution this camera offers over the a5100 and the Canon EOS M10, the autofocus feature which on paper looks good and external mic connection are an advantage other the other two. Mind you the despite the external mic socket, the a6300 does not have a headphone jack….Another plus feature in the new camera is the EVF. Not sure how your working style is, but for me an EVF is a must.

Hope it helps.



 Panji Hadinugraha Reply
Panji Hadinugraha March 24, 2016

Has anyone tried to use a USB-to-3.5mm converter to plug external mic on this camera?? Let me know about the result.

 Aykut KURT Reply
Aykut KURT May 28, 2016

i think a person like me can enjoy this device not? iam so amateur . just for hobby i will tey to shoot around and learn HOW TO..i think this is a good device. thanks for the review.