Canon EOS C700 Announced: 4.5K Sensor, 4K ProRes Recording & 120fps

The Canon EOS C700 has just been announced, a new flagship camera model for their Cinema line that will likely replace the C500, which dropped in price by $3000 earlier today.

Canon EOS C700

With the C700, Canon has moved on to a different form factor for the first time in quite a while. The Canon EOS C700 is reminiscent of competitor cameras such as the Panasonic Varicam, Arri Amira or the Sony F55/F5, and its features and pricing clearly target it at the higher end of filmmaking.

Like with the C300 Mark II, Canon claims 15 stops of usable dynamic range in the standard rolling-shutter CMOS version of the C700. There is a Global Shutter version of the C700 available, which comes at a loss of 1 stop of dynamic range, for a total at a claimed 14 stops of usable DR.

Like with their C300 and C500 line, there will be separate EF and PL versions of the camera.

The Canon EOS C700 camera offers internal 4K recording to CFast 2.0 cards at up to 59.94p in XF-AVC (10-bit 4K, which we already know from the C300 Mark II) and also in ProRes (even in 4K 10-bit 422HQ, or 2K in ProRes 4444 at 12 bit).

Sampling from a 4.5K sensor and using the optional, specifically-developed Codex CDX-36150 recorder for which there is no pricing or availability yet, the Canon EOS C700 provides 120fps 4K RAW recording, which is probably its most mind-blowing feature. 4.5K RAW recording at up to 100fps is said to be coming at a later point via a Firmware upgrade.

When it comes to higher internal frame rates, the Canon EOS C700 can record the following:

  • 4K internally to the CFast 2.0 cards at up to 60fps in XF-AVC format.
  • Apple 4K ProRes up to 30fps.
  • Up to 180 fps using the 10-bit 4:2:2 combined with the 2K centre crop.
  • Ability to record a 4:2:0 proxy onto an SD card in XF-AVC in 2K in 1080p, which is very useful for rushes


Other highlights of this new camera:

  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF (with compatible EF lenses), which is quite brilliant and easily the most innovative feature in Canon cameras these days, as seen already in many other cameras from Canon lately (5D Mark IV, C300 Mark II, 1DX Mark II …)
  • Dual Pixel Focus Guide (for manual focus confirmation).
  • Canon Log 2 and Canon Log 3 including all the color science that sets Canon cameras still apart from Sony and others for many users
  • B4 Lens Support (for traditional 2/3″ ENG lenses).
  • Built-in ND Filters.
  • Anamorphic De-Squeeze (when outputting to EVF or monitor outputs, the image is stretched to 2.39:1 after de-squeezing. The magnification factor can be set to OFF/2x/1.33x to match the anamorphic optics in use).
  • Detachable remote panel, a’ la Panasonic Varicam (it mirrors the camera controls, so an assistant can adjust settings easily).
  • 12V and 24V power outputs that enable users to power all kinds of professional accessories through the camera
  • High resolution EVF with proprietary Canon connection like on the C300 mkII.
  • Optional servo control grip for most lens functions, allowing ENG-like functionality.
What's in the box

What’s in the box

Optional accessories:

  • 1080p viewfinder EVF-V70, a new dedicated viewfinder clearly priced as high as other high-end viewfinders from Arri and Sony, and like them only works with the dedicated cameras (C700 and C300 Mark II)
  • Baseplate with Sony VCT Quick Release and what seem to be 15mm rods
  • Control grip is now optional too, looks similar to other control grips on large Canon ENG lenses and makes it an ENG-style camera
  • B4 Mount optical adapter to use 2/3 inch broadcast lenses on the camera

Above, footage by Canon marketing Japan.

It is yet to be seen how this new line of camera and accessories will be received by rental houses and high end professional users, but for now, one thing is sure: Canon just made a clear declaration of wanting to be a part of a handful of camera manufacturers who are aiming to the top.

$28,000 exc. VATNew Item - Coming Soon
€26,770.12 exc. VATAvailable to Pre-Order
$30,000 exc. VATNew Item - Coming Soon
€28,584.08 exc. VATAvailable to Pre-Order
$28,000 exc. VATNew Item - Coming Soon
€26,770.12 exc. VATAvailable to Pre-Order
$2,495 exc. VATNew Item - Coming Soon
$2,995 exc. VATNew Item - Coming Soon
$2,995 exc. VATNew Item - Coming Soon
$5,999 exc. VATNew Item - Coming Soon
$1,995 exc. VATNew Item - Coming Soon
$1,495 exc. VATNew Item - Coming Soon

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James Barnett Reply
James Barnett September 1, 2016

120fps at 4K Raw is very decent.

Miguel Ezquieta Reply
Miguel Ezquieta September 1, 2016


Mehdi Bakkali Reply
Mehdi Bakkali September 1, 2016

30k is also pretty decent

James Barnett Reply
James Barnett September 1, 2016

Miguel Ezquieta not sure it doesn’t state. Can’t imagine any CFast card keeping up with that unless it’s doing Card A even frames Card B odd frames like the Ursa Mini.

Andy McEntire Reply
Andy McEntire September 1, 2016

It’s for external…which is a few years too late

Levi Magyar Reply
Levi Magyar September 1, 2016

I can do that all day @ 4.5k, internally on my Red Raven

Derek Olson September 1, 2016

Really? What’s the highest useable iso on your Raven? Must be at least 20,000 right? Next thing you’re going to tell me is that the Ursa Mini is 4.5k, apples to apples. Pretty much the same thing right?

João Rosa Reply
João Rosa September 1, 2016

30k usd xD

Zach Goodwin Reply
Zach Goodwin September 1, 2016

Boring picture, terrible, just a camera, does not tell a story, except a product being shown. GOING TO MAKE SHORT FILMS!

James Davis Reply
James Davis September 1, 2016


Nigel Dias Reply
Nigel Dias September 1, 2016

Jules Goes buying na

Jules Goes Reply
Jules Goes September 1, 2016

$28,000 for this …. canon placing them self near arri ??? :P …… the way things are going ….. canon giving up video :( sounds another nokia

Roberto Mettifogo Reply
Roberto Mettifogo September 1, 2016


Patrick Jaeger Reply
Patrick Jaeger September 1, 2016

looks like a varicam copy

Chris Reynolds Reply
Chris Reynolds September 1, 2016

It looks like Canon are going after the high end commercials/ Netflix series and motion picture market with this camera. It is however the same(ish) price as an Arri Amira which is the camera of choice (unless it’s a Netflix series where everything has to be shot 4K). What with the utterly underwhelming video specs and price of the new 5D, the utterly calamity of the C300 Mkii (did anyone actually buy one???), and now this very pricey high end camera. I wonder if someone at Canon is trying to brand themselves ‘high-end’?? Very risky prospect if they are though. God help Canon if Sony actually start to make inroads in the ‘motion picture’ sector with the F55/F65. That’ll really screw them up!

Taylor Garvin Reply
Taylor Garvin September 1, 2016

I know a lot of people that love the C300 Mark II. The crop sucks, but the image quality is good.

Chris Reynolds Reply
Chris Reynolds September 1, 2016

Taylor, i don’t doubt that for a minute. Canon make cameras with lovely images that’s for sure and it’s always been very stable in it’s internal operation. In my opinion (for what it’s worth), i don’t understand why Canon does the things it does. It’s almost saying to everyone ‘hey you lot, you can’t afford me’!!

Kenneth Chan Reply
Kenneth Chan September 1, 2016

They’re not only saying “you can’t afford me” but also “even if you have the money you still can’t have all the features the other guys have!”

Chris Reynolds Reply
Chris Reynolds September 1, 2016

..which is what i don’t understand!!! The C700 is a camera that ‘matches’ what’s already out there. Its retro-active. Not progressive. Also, what’s with the screens!! Stop trying to copy everyone else and just innovate, for gods sake!!!

James Manson September 2, 2016

yes, I purchased a C300MKII. Utter calamity? Really? I just don’t understand how this amazing camera can be described as an utter calamity. I love it and use it every single day. It is just an amazing workhorse that has never let me down – it works in all conditions – basically shoots in the dark – 4K + 2k in 12 bit 444 – incredible form factor for what I do – travel/lifestyle television – city one day, harsh Australian outback the next – this camera is built like a tank when compared to an FS7. CFFast cards are awesome, no external recorder needed – great evf – great monitor – beautiful looking high frame rates ( could care less what others who actually have never used the camera say) and no matter what anyone else says to my eyes the image completely wipes the floor with what comes out of an FS7. No utter calamity for me just a camera that keeps keeps me in constant work.

Massimo Volta Reply
Massimo Volta September 1, 2016

Half the price and you get a full optional new Red Scarlet, with spare money for half a dozen redmags… I don’t see the whole point of this big plastic thing, even if I’m a Canon aficionado

Jason Han September 1, 2016

Canon doesn’t care what the competition is lol, they never have and never seemingly will. Always drops some underwhelming camera way too late and way too expensive. The canon users always argue that the canon “look” is still worth it. The dragon / arri skin tones are far superior in my opinion

Levi Magyar Reply
Levi Magyar September 1, 2016

I was thinking the same thing. Oh- but it has built in ND… Grow a pair and slap a filter in the matte box.

Eadweard Muybridge Reply
Eadweard Muybridge September 1, 2016

its only brain? $30.000

Rodrigo Barradas Reply
Rodrigo Barradas September 1, 2016

André Cabral

André Cabral Reply
André Cabral September 1, 2016

Que besta de maquina ahah

Chris Wait Toph Reply
Chris Wait Toph September 1, 2016

I hope there will be a cheap cam with 16k, 2000fps, Raw, 20stops and al internal, like the 192kHz and 32bit in the Audioworld, so we all can get back to work.

Taylor Garvin Reply
Taylor Garvin September 1, 2016

Lol I’m just amazed by the comments on this page. Everyone wants a camera that does everything, for nothing, and none of these ppl actually make a living in video. It’s tough being Canon.

나현수 Reply
나현수 September 1, 2016


Sergio Ratore Reply
Sergio Ratore September 1, 2016

Hahaha this is so funny, Canon always steps up overpricing things!
Way to go, you will be out of the competition soon by Sony, Panasonic, Arri and Red :D
And who the hell would buy this and not buy Red Scarlet or Arri or Even Sony :D
In the marketplace brand does not mean everything and to buy a brand would mean to give $10000 more.
Screw it, I’m better with Red or Sony :D

Michael Großmann Reply
Michael Großmann September 1, 2016

who needs a canon alexa…

Gavin McGregor Reply
Gavin McGregor September 1, 2016

You had me till……additional recorder.

Sarthak Chawla Reply
Sarthak Chawla September 1, 2016

Rs.10 kam padh gaye

Justin Smith Reply
Justin Smith September 1, 2016

I thought “finally Canon come to the party with a functional form factor” and then I see the price. It’s going up against the entrenched Amira and Red Epic at that price without enough differentiation to make it more likely to be picked over those two workhorses. Real head scratcher there Canon.

Andy McEntire Reply
Andy McEntire September 1, 2016

Not impressed, especially for the price

Ian Dillon September 1, 2016

100k with lens and support gear

Ojo Kuen Reply
Ojo Kuen September 1, 2016

Gorka Montiel

Gorka Montiel Reply
Gorka Montiel September 1, 2016


Ojo Kuen Reply
Ojo Kuen September 1, 2016

Gorka Montiel apurtxo bat garesti….28.000 basikoena. Hurrengo urten FS7aren ordezkoa daukeu ta oaingo hontan ere zaplasteko earra sonyk Canoni

Jonathan Patton Reply
Jonathan Patton September 1, 2016

And Canon catches up to everyone else finally.

Alejandro H. Madrid Reply
Alejandro H. Madrid September 1, 2016

mierda de camara

Rafael Molina Reply
Rafael Molina September 1, 2016

¿$30.000 USD? Better buy a few URSA Minies 4.5K or 2 fully operational RED Scarlet Weapons.

Booming Rich Reply
Booming Rich September 1, 2016

Give me a Red Raven. And 3 Cine lenses.

David Michnowicz Reply
David Michnowicz September 1, 2016

Look out Varicam 35!!

Daniel Schweinert Reply
Daniel Schweinert September 1, 2016

Do they finally realized that ProRes is a must today. Now if only the price would be below 15K :-)

Savneet Singh Reply
Savneet Singh September 1, 2016


Kevin Luiz Reply
Kevin Luiz September 1, 2016

I actually think this is quite nice. Gasp.. I said I actually liked a Canon. To bad it’s way beyond purchase. Good rental choice perhaps

Ben Jungjareon Reply
Ben Jungjareon September 1, 2016

Once again Canon has jacked up the price on an underwhelming camera, and again scary their customers.
30K? What? If I’m gonna spend 30K I’d go buy a RED that shoot 6K.

Tom Walsh Reply
Tom Walsh September 1, 2016


Matteo Bertoli Reply
Matteo Bertoli September 1, 2016

Ursa Mini, same specs, 5.000. Lol

Tolu Awosika Reply
Tolu Awosika September 2, 2016

When will Canon learn?

Matteo Bertoli Reply
Matteo Bertoli September 2, 2016

Tolu Awosika Never :)

Matteo Bertoli Reply
Matteo Bertoli September 1, 2016

Aram Khachaturyan canon is fucked up ahah

Aram Khachaturyan Reply
Aram Khachaturyan September 1, 2016

lol what a jokers

the SUBVERSIVE September 1, 2016

So this cameras has an H.264 codec in 4K while the 1DX and 5D have that terrible MJPEG?

the SUBVERSIVE September 1, 2016

Why is this comment here? I posted this in the XC15 article.

the SUBVERSIVE September 1, 2016

How does this compare to the Panasonic Varicam LT? It seems to have about the same feats but no DUAL ISO and it’s almost double the price of the Varicam LT.

Phillip Kimmeskamp Reply
Phillip Kimmeskamp September 1, 2016

Ingo wtf

Ingo Schwarz Reply
Ingo Schwarz September 1, 2016

hm? was is mit der cam?

Torrey Loomis Reply
Torrey Loomis September 1, 2016

Robert Pyne & Eric Maddox

Chris York Reply
Chris York September 1, 2016

When RED suddenly becomes the most sensible, affordable option. Yikes, Canon. And those inevitable price plunges are helping confirm they have their marketing game on point either. Jumping ship soon as I can.

Olivier Kandyflosse - Videomaker Reply
Olivier Kandyflosse - Videomaker September 1, 2016

Calme toi Canon !!!

Bud Gallimore Reply
Bud Gallimore September 1, 2016

What an anticlimax :(

Tony Hernandez Reply
Tony Hernandez September 1, 2016

Canon was ever launching prods at higher price than it worth, then after some months rebating their prices, still expensive the c300 30p, this c700 is still out of scope, I think

 Andy Krucsai Reply
Andy Krucsai September 1, 2016

If you don’t have the dough, shoot with an iphone, that’s even cheaper than that chinese crap fs7.

Albin Wildner Reply
Albin Wildner September 1, 2016

always loved canon colors more than sonys…now in a real camerabody. very interesting

Danny Kim Reply
Danny Kim September 2, 2016

Has almost the exact same specs as the Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K at nearly five times the price. 4.5K sensor, CFast 2.0 card recording, optional B4 lens mount, etc. Except you need an external recorder which costs god knows how much to get RAW. The Ursa gives you Raw right out of the box in uncompressed, 3:1 and 4:1 compression ratios. The only noticeable addition are the built-in ND filters.

Dan Hyman September 2, 2016

Slow clap. Is this intended to compete with RED and Arri? It’s not run and gun, or priced for corporate.. so TV commercials and feature indies? We just shot a national spot with an FS7 in Cine EI SLOG 3, 10-bit, 4K, and it colored as well as any Canon I’ve seen. I really can’t see dropping anything over $10k in this day and age. There will be a newer spec camera in a month from someone else for a lot less.

Stefano Bianchi Reply
Stefano Bianchi September 2, 2016

Canon is still keeping secret their REAL discovery. They invented the first, functional, time machine, and they’re gonna sell hundreds of C700 ten years ago!

Wally Crow Reply
Wally Crow September 2, 2016

Maybe the C300MKII will have a price drop now.

GELAX STUDIO September 2, 2016

The only special feature is DPAF,but what kind of cinematographer use AF for filmmaking?
He or she either be a non-professional or a canon fan

And who the hell will buy a more expensive PL version with no use of the DPAF
Besides,the DPAF only can be match with EF-lens and non-STM lens may have noise issues
Canon must expecting a lot of sales of their new lens

Anders Hallengren Reply
Anders Hallengren September 2, 2016

Who is the idiot who designed microphone holder. think they can not do the right thing at once!

Stee Simons Reply
Stee Simons September 2, 2016

Josh… one each?

Edoardo Pasero September 2, 2016

Well, they probably didn’t choose the best video to start promoting this camera, boring is not enough ant is such a cliché I cannot even looking at it without smiling. Anyway the look doesn’t even come out so filmic at all, it’s kinda “videoish” to be honest, cinealta f35 was way better years ago

Sanaullah Afridi Reply
Sanaullah Afridi September 3, 2016

It didn’t impress me