Canon C100 Mark II hands-on & side-by-side with Mark I

You might already have seen our field test with the C100 Mark II conducted by my friend Johnnie (watch the embedded video at the bottom). The camera is the successor of Canon’s entry level cinema camera, the C100. A lot of people have asked us for a side-by-side hands-on with the original C100, and so here we are. Mind you, the Mark II that we had was a preproduction sample and things are subject to change until the camera is released soon.


Canon improved a lot of small things with regards to handling and usability in the C100 Mark II, and slightly improved image processing with a newer processing unit – which results in cleaner images. Overall it’s just an incremental update though, and the lack of 4K recording, higher internal bitrates and only up to 60fps in 1080p leave a lot to be desired.

It’s nice to see though that Canon really listens to feedback when enhancing products, because usability (flip-out screen, viewfinder …) definitely got a lot better. And it’s more bang for the buck than ever before, that’s for sure.


Watch Johnnie’s review mini documentary of the C100 Mark II here:

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Watch it on Vimeo

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Darren Curtis Reply
Darren Curtis November 14, 2014

The mk ii footage at 20,000 looked slightly sharper, did you notice any improvement in the image with new sensor? Or the MP4 vs AVCHD? Thank you.

Nino Leitner Reply
Nino Leitner November 14, 2014

Hi Darren, I was told it’s the same sensor and to me it really looks that way too. We will find out for sure when we have the production camera in house for the lab testing. We can compare with the old C100. Image got a little sharper because of better processing, which is relevant in higher ISOs. Moiré and aliasing is also supposed to be better (although that was pretty good before already).

Chung Dha Lam Reply
Chung Dha Lam November 14, 2014

It be nicer if its atleast have external 4k out like A7s.

Walid Hoyek Reply
Walid Hoyek November 15, 2014

Was it too hard to stick a 4k recording option, God i hate canon

Samuel Sloan Reply
Samuel Sloan November 15, 2014

Canon makes an excellent camera, but cripples the image. Blackmagic gives you an excellent image, but the camera(s) suck. Sony? Panasonic? Ughhh! Too many choices, and each with their own drawbacks! If they would put some of these DSLR sensors into proper cameras, then that might be something. I wouldn\’t mind having the Panasonic sensor in a camera with xlr inputs, internal 10 bit 422, and ND filters. Basically an updated af100. The only drawback with that would be the smaller sensor. I digress, however. About this c100mII, soo close to being the perfect camera (for me), if they had only given a 10 bit option. The c300mII may have it, but the price tag will not be pretty. I really want to continue loving canon cameras, but they are not making it easy.

Ryan Villanueva Reply
Ryan Villanueva November 15, 2014

C100 owner here. I love the image of the Mark I and probably one of the most ergonomic cameras out there. I just wish Canon would give us more for this camera\’s 6K price tag.

Jason Weiss Reply
Jason Weiss November 17, 2014

As someone who\’s in the market for a new camera sometime in the next couple months, the C100mkII is very appealing. I\’ve been working with the original For the past year and love the picture quality, ergonomics, XLR built in, ND built in. It\’s an amazing out of the box camera, and really, no one is complaining about the end result from these cameras so much as they are the specs on paper. What concerns me, as someone in the market for a new camera, is whether this camera is forward thinking enough. I don\’t need 4K right now, but I\’m smart enough to realize that in the next few years I almost certainly will. Am I limiting my potential future earnings by not spending a few thousand extra on the FS7? Those kinds of questions, I think, are what\’s going to kill the C100 in the market place. Save some money now, or invest long term.

jason November 23, 2014

Why didnt we see some normal ISO footage side by side comparison. Most people will not be shooting in 20,000 ISO. Any chance we see some footage side by side but in normal shooting conditions.

Nino Leitner Reply
Nino Leitner November 23, 2014

Because normal ISOs look the same – it’s the same sensor after all. Only at higher ISO’s you will see a difference in how the processing handles the noise.

antonio December 3, 2014

Releases like that confuses the Canon semi Pro users. Most of them are already using a 1080p camera. DSLR or VideoCam. Most of them are waiting for an all in one Camera: 4K, 10 bit uncompressed, HiRes pictures, USB3.1, remote control, time lapse. Pro’s use now Sony for film& video and Canon for DSLR. Low Budget users use Black Magic. So who will bring the first all in one? Canon? I doubt. (although they have good lenses)

Sigmund Dol February 12, 2015

Has anyone had issues with the custom white balance of the C100 Mark II? Everytime I try to set a custom white balance (with a white or grey card) the reuslt is a major shift (it should be 6000K and the camera sets 10000K) Any suggestions?

Edward Scott Jr July 31, 2015

This is a good, no-nonsense review.