Canon C100 Mark II hands-on & side-by-side with Mark I

You might already have seen our field test with the C100 Mark II conducted by my friend Johnnie (watch the embedded video at the bottom). The camera is the successor of Canon’s entry level cinema camera, the C100. A lot of people have asked us for a side-by-side hands-on with the original C100, and so here we are. Mind you, the Mark II that we had was a preproduction sample and things are subject to change until the camera is released soon.


Canon improved a lot of small things with regards to handling and usability in the C100 Mark II, and slightly improved image processing with a newer processing unit – which results in cleaner images. Overall it’s just an incremental update though, and the lack of 4K recording, higher internal bitrates and only up to 60fps in 1080p leave a lot to be desired.

It’s nice to see though that Canon really listens to feedback when enhancing products, because usability (flip-out screen, viewfinder …) definitely got a lot better. And it’s more bang for the buck than ever before, that’s for sure.


Watch Johnnie’s review mini documentary of the C100 Mark II here:

Watch it on Vimeo