New Canon EOS M5 Mirrorless Camera Announced With HD 60p Video

Canon extends its mirrorless camera range with the Canon EOS M5. It has 24.2MP, an APS-C sized sensor but no 4K video recording like the Sony a7S II and Sony a7R II mirrorless cameras from Sony.

Competition in the mirrorless market is heated, with Sony’s large range of APS-C and full frame cameras that many have adopted for video production. The Panasonic GH4 is also up there as a popular tool for filming, but trailing behind is the Canon EOS M5 from Canon.

Canon EOS M5

The Canon EOS M5 – Worthy Video Camera?

The Canon EOS M5 seems to be a perfect enthusiast camera, for those choosing size over the larger DSLR models. Canon boasts that the M5 is significantly smaller than the 80D, but you’ll need the Canon EF-M lens adapter to use any of your current EF/EF-S lenses with it. Full HD at 60p is nice to see, but after the comments of leaving out decent 4K recording on the 5D Mark IV, lets not go there.

Combination IS is a first for Canon for video; 5-axis in-camera digital image stabilization has been built in, processed by the Digic-7 processor, that works with the IS of the lens to stabilize the image. Presumably the digital image stabilization means the image is being stabilized (like warp stabilizer) rather than the sensor like in the Sony a7S II for example. Check out the video below to see some examples.

A high resolution electronic viewfinder has been included, as well as focus peaking to aid in getting critical focus. As well as Dual Pixel CMOS AF which can be controlled via the touchscreen LCD for tracking between subjects or during movement. The 3.2 inch screen can also tilt, which is a feature many were hoping to be included in the 5D Mark IV.

Bluetooth functionality is also included, with Canon hinting that the M5 could be controlled remotely via an app, but there is little information about this yet. Also, from the images it is hard to tell whether the camera has a headphone output connection.

Of course this camera will be tested in our test lab. Maybe it will provide good low-cost video in HD.


  • 24.2MP APS-C sensor
  • ISO sensitivity from 100 – 25,600
  • Dual Pixel CMOS Auto Focus
  • 14 bit RAW images.
  • 1080/60p video recording in MP4 format
  • Digital IS with 5-axis stabilization
  • High resolution EVF
  • Touchscreen tilting LCD
  • Built in wi-fi, NFC and bluetooth for phone connectivity.
  • Native lens mount of EF-M (you’ll need the EF to EF-M lens adapter to use any EF/EF-S lenses).
  • 7fps in stills mode.
  • Movie time-lapse feature.

The Canon EOS M5 will be available to purchase in November from $979.99 and is available for pre-order now. Canon are also announcing the EF-M 18-150 F/3.5 – 6.3 IS STM lens which will be available as a kit with the M5 in December 2016.

Check out the full press release here.

$979 exc. VATNew Item - Coming Soon
$1,479 exc. VATNew Item - Coming Soon

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Will Chao September 15, 2016

I’m 90% sure it has sensor stabilisation, not digital, given this is primarily a photo camera and a warp stabiliser effect does nothing to counter motion blur

Adam Plowden Reply
Adam Plowden September 15, 2016

There isn’t much information about it, apart from ‘digital image stabilization’, no mention of sensor stabilization from Canon.

John Lewis Reply
John Lewis September 15, 2016

And no headphone jack, in 2016. Boo.

Adam Plowden Reply
Adam Plowden September 15, 2016

Going in Apples direction!

Clayton Moore Reply
Clayton Moore September 15, 2016

Except the iPhone 7plus will likely be a more advanced video camera – LOL!!!

Gio Fortunato Reply
Gio Fortunato September 15, 2016

But why? At the same price you get the Sony A6300 with 4K and 120fps…

Alvaro García Undurraga Reply
Alvaro García Undurraga September 15, 2016

Not the only reason to get cameras.

Gio Fortunato Reply
Gio Fortunato September 15, 2016

I read all the specs, I can’t see any reason to pick this camera instead of the A6300…seriously…

James Davis Reply
James Davis September 15, 2016

Yup, use that money to get the A6300 instead

Marko Hila Reply
Marko Hila September 16, 2016

Alvaro García Undurraga idiocy seems to be the only other reason with Canon lately.

Tulio Campregher Reply
Tulio Campregher September 15, 2016

Ready to compete with 2012 cameras.

Pedro Reis Reply
Pedro Reis September 15, 2016

A mirrorless like the 80D but at the same price, lol.

James Roland Cabresos Reply
James Roland Cabresos September 15, 2016

I used to be a fan of Canon, but it’s already 2016 and it feels like 2008..

Ian Dillon September 15, 2016

And the dslr for video market would rather continue to compete with each other instead of just making a decent affordable video camera. And again we will have to wait for the next version for proper audio components, etc.

Álvaro Bi Reply
Álvaro Bi September 15, 2016

No 4K 😂😂😄

Booming Rich Reply
Booming Rich September 15, 2016

60fps at 1080? Really. 😂😂😂

 Beebee Lestr Reply
Beebee Lestr September 16, 2016

It only does 1080p/30FPS.

Joelle Mcneil Reply
Joelle Mcneil September 15, 2016

Another shot in the foot.

Clayton Moore Reply
Clayton Moore September 15, 2016

Im not sure that without 4k if its not a tad over priced though.

Larry Tee September 15, 2016

If you watch the marketing video released by Canon it’s clear who they designed this camera for. The target demo is probably female, between 22-35 years old, someone who hasn’t owned a DSLR or ILC before, someone who prioritizes ease of use over the latest specs and features (e.g. no 4K, real IBIS, or fast lenses). The touchscreen also plays to that ease of use, as does the “touch to focus” feature that is usually a love/hate option among enthusiasts (the old AF = amateur hour, MF is for “pro’s” argument).

So Canon is betting its future on what its marketing committees tell it, not what the loud (but smaller) enthusiast crowd desires. But I think that is Canon’s problem right now.

Committees, by their very nature, are slow, behind the times, risk averse, and ignorant to other important variables– like, how are enthusiasts going to react to this camera? Because while enthusiasts might be a smaller group than single women between 22 and 35, we influence buying decisions far beyond what our own purchases reflect. You lose (abandon in this case) the enthusiast crowd, and down the road it’s going to suddenly be much harder to sell these single girls their tailor-made selfie ILCs…

Schuyler James Hagglund Reply
Schuyler James Hagglund September 15, 2016

HD VIDEO?!?!?! NO WAY!!!!!!!!

BrunoSlam Compte A Rebours Reply
BrunoSlam Compte A Rebours September 15, 2016

LOL Canon, come on guys this is 2016

Christopher Moss Reply
Christopher Moss September 16, 2016

>60p HD


Clayton Moore Reply
Clayton Moore September 16, 2016

Canon has no less then A DOZEN DSLR’s on their marketing page now ……. WOW is there really a market for ALL that ?

 Beebee Lestr Reply
Beebee Lestr September 16, 2016

It’s sad, isn’t it. They’ve got a dozen DSLRs on the market, but none of those are of interest to video enthusiasts.

Marko Hila Reply
Marko Hila September 16, 2016

Canon should get in the business of sleeping pills. That’s their calling right there.

Caleb Rasak Reply
Caleb Rasak September 16, 2016

Looks like a great travel camera. Sadly no good video features.

Gene Nemetz Reply
Gene Nemetz September 16, 2016

Shouldn’t I be seeing 6K in this? It reminds me of some tv show where they go back to the past when I see it has 1080p.

Steve Staffan Reply
Steve Staffan September 16, 2016

April fools!

Oh wait…

 Beebee Lestr Reply
Beebee Lestr September 16, 2016

1080p/30fps: Canon, you are making yourself into the laughing stock of the industry.

You are turning into an embarrassment!

Anthony browning Reply
Anthony browning September 16, 2016

Im sorry but I’m going to get ugly right now. What the F@#k Canon? I have spent over 2 decades purchasing Canon gear and have slowly watched them become greedy little pigs. Canon has it down to a science now just like apple. There should be 5 axis ibis already in the 1dxmkii and 5dmkiv there should be c log, there should be focus peaking and what the f@#k is up with this horrible codec? Im tired of all the biased opinions on the web of people who are car salesmen. This Cameras image is very poor for 2016, the dynamic range is terrible. I also shoot A lot of events where we are live streaming and if I handed them 4k jpeg files they would tell me to go F@#k myself. Full Frame is the look we desire so just give us what we want and charge more duh!!! Im pretty sure if canon included those key components in the 5d mkiv they could easily charge $4000.00 and everyone would be fine with it. Sorry but needed to vent

Mario Vukelić Reply
Mario Vukelić September 16, 2016

hd at 60 fps? astonishing!!!!

Dan Hyman September 17, 2016

Stopped reading at the first sentence “no 4K”.

We don’t deliver in 4K, but have been shooting it for years now.
The quality is better when scaled down to HD and the zoom
room on crops is awesome. Canon needs to revamp its executive video team
and stop making products that would’ve been awesome in 2013.

thrower thrower September 20, 2016

Canon. Too Little Too Late.

thrower thrower September 20, 2016

P.s. Too expensive

Or – “Canon. No we can’t”

In fact it’s first good photo mirrorless from Canon. Give’em round of applause!!
Before they so pathetically tried to “protect” (read made pay thru nose) that emasculated their M-system even in Photo regard.

Just think about it – company who invented DPAF a bloody good feature, that would BLOW mirrorless market in early phase when every camera was a PAIN to focus, didn’t put in it’s mirrorless.

And now when every competitor almost overcame it – TA DAAA!!

Even just for photo – WHY? somebody (except owners of M-glass) NEED it?

80D sensor is quite ok, but not ground breaking in terms of noise and DR. 80D costs the same and it has tons of used bloody good glass out there

Sony with latest metabones works almost as good for Canon FF user. And you can buy native glass both for Aps-c and FF versions….

It’s painful, because i see potential of product, but (i don’t think that Canon is doomed) M-system was doomed from beginning.

In the end, canon trailer clearly shows core audience.
Enthusiast instagram food-picture maker.

As for video features – it’s just makes me mad. If it’s still 720p (pixel binned 1080p) from 2008, than i just amazed how bold they are to make accent on video.

It’s after you can get 6k down-sampled to 4k in 6300 for same money.

I would just laugh if rolling shutter issues are there too…