Canon EOS 80D Announced – How Far Behind The Curve Are Our Beloved Trend Setters?

Canon has announced a new pro-sumer DSLR, the Canon EOS 80D comes as an update to the 70D bringing us Dual Pixel Auto Focus, 50/60p in 1920X1080 and a new 18-135mm Nano USM kit lens with power zoom adaptor.

Canon EOS 80D with Lens

The double digit 80D sits beneath the single digit pro-line (1D,5D,7D), but above it’s triple digit smaller brothers and sisters. Equipped with a 24.2MP APS-C sensor and DIGIC 6 processor, video users can expect 1080 50/60p, Dual Pixel AF and a headphone & mic port.

The 3″ display is swivel and touchscreen, it has NSF (near field communication) built-in for instant sharing via WI-FI, and the rest you can pretty much predict if you’ve seen a Canon DSLR before.

Perhaps one of the more interesting aspects on the announcement is the new kit lens and accessories. The new 18-135mm F/3.5-5.6 IS is a nano USM lens:

“This the first Canon lens equipped with Nano USM, a new type of focusing motor that combines the benefits of a ring USM (ultrasonic motor) for high-speed AF during still photo shooting and lead-screw type STM (stepping motor) for smooth and quiet movie AF, and improved AF speeds up to 4.3x (Tele) and 2.5x (Wide) faster than the previous model”

Canon Power Zoom AdaptorIt has an optional adaptor dock adding a handheld servo zoom with speed control.

Canon also offer up a compact stereo shotgun mount, the DM-E1 mount directly to the shoe mount of your DSLR, connecting via the 3.5mm mic port.

For the rest including full spec on the Canon EOS 80D, check out the B&H website.


It may seem a little lazy writing half an article on a new product before referring to another site, but there’s very little in this new camera for filmmakers.

Why write the article at all then? In the same month Sony announced the A6300, I think these two announcements are the perfect example of how each manufacture views the market.

As a filmmaking website, I can only assume the reaction of many readers. Why this, when you can get this for less money? Well, aside from the very handy Dual Pixel Auto Focus there’s no a real answer for that.
The Sony A6300 trumps the 80D is almost every feature battle for video. More compact, better codec, 4K, higher framerates, log mode.

a6300 (1 of 1)

To be perfectly honest I’m very reserved about the Sony/Canon divide. I’m a long term user of Canon EOS Cinema cameras and whilst some may consider that as a form of bias, it actually provides more clarity – all my lenses fit Sony and my C100 paid for itself years ago so I have no financial attachment to either, but using the EOS Cinema Line for so long (where to be frank usability is Canons USP) it gives me a good vantage point on properly comparing the two formats.

By specification, Sony will always win. This grasps so many users from the go, comparing two cameras side by side you will never find a Canon that comes out on top. Canon goes the other way and implements robust product lines; late to the punch, price and feature weak but very reliable and ergonomic.

The latter will only get you so far however. And in terms of Canons DSLRs, I think this stopped at the 5D Mark III. Every DSLR since then has been completely and utterly forgettable for video.

And speaking candidly, I don’t really mind the perceived “Canon Video DSLR decline”. I get that Canon have an EOS Cinema Line & lens-reflex-compatible lens line to protect. I understand that our market, the professional & pro-sumer is less in revenue than the consumer.

I get that 1080 50/60p and a stella video auto focus is likely enough for the consumer; the Average Joe won’t actually know what to do with 4K or log mode right now.

Canon 5D Mark III

But the fundamental problem right now is that Canon is providing us – the professionals & prosumers of the industry with no alternative.

2016 has to be a big year for the EOS Cinema Line. There needs to by a seismic shift with new announcements that gives professionals a reason to stick around.

By all means, cull the bottom end, burn the bridges of photo & video, consumers will get by fine with a Canon XXXD/XXD, professionals will buy multiple bodies.

The fact that Canon are doing nothing in the lower end video DSLR market is not the worry, it’s the fact that they’re not moving fast enough/at all in the professional end of video and cinema.

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Vince Noir Reply
Vince Noir February 18, 2016

nice read

Christian Whitey Pokrywka Reply
Christian Whitey Pokrywka February 18, 2016

WAY behind the curve! #ByeCanon #HelloTeamSony

João Rosa Reply
João Rosa February 18, 2016

you missed a 3 in the beginning when you say 18-15 lens ;)

Tim Fok Reply
Tim Fok February 18, 2016

fixed thanks, that would’ve made a slightly pointless reverse zoom….

Alfredo DeLara Reply
Alfredo DeLara February 18, 2016

Such bullshit. The website boasts the it comes with a “Selfie ready tilting screen” . I’m so done with Canon.

Tristan Ladwein Reply
Tristan Ladwein February 18, 2016

bye bye canon. you are not listening to us, since the 5d2 revolution. sony is listening very well – so we go there

Vlad Box Rojas Reply
Vlad Box Rojas February 18, 2016

Companies have an excess of “old” technology they have to get rid of in order to make up for R&D investment, they just needed to add a Gizmo to create the illusion that is new and radical technology. Apple did this when it almost went down in the late 90’s (Remember the plethora of systems with old 68046 chips?) I am sure is a nice “vloging” camera. But really….

Anthony browning Reply
Anthony browning February 18, 2016

As a long time Canon user myself invested in lots of glass. I can say that it has been some really uninspiring years with Canon. How am I more excited for the new sony a6300 than I am for the new full frame canon eos 1dx mkii??? Wake up Canon we are all leaving! Yes I will be picking one up and with the new master g lenses sony is really giving me all the reasons to switch. I really am just fed up with Canons poor dynamic range and images that look flat.

 Gery Teague Reply
Gery Teague February 19, 2016

seriously, you could just throw a speedbooster on the aps-c and you’ve come awfully darn close to solving your full frame needs.

Anthony browning Reply
Anthony browning February 20, 2016

Hey Gery I would but I have 1st series L glass 24-70 and 70-200 is 2.8 which unfortunately is the last year for service with canon because they sadly love to throw away everything after a certain time. I am going with the a7r ii and the a 6300 but prefer to go with the new g lenses if they have superior resolving power over these older lenses. It would also be nice knowing the focusing will be superior as opposed to using the metabones adapter with older glass. Looking forward to image results with these new lenses. What are you looking forward too?

 Gery Teague Reply
Gery Teague February 20, 2016

Hey Anthony, I purchased the new Xeen lenses and love them. I would love to shoot using a7s2 using the ND Throttle adapter. The Xeens are color matched and matched T stops, with the ND Filter behind the lenses it would really offer fast switching with matched imagery. I would still be short of 10bit 4:2:2 so maybe I’ll go with the FS5 and a speed booster… not sure really. That route would give me pretty much everything I’m looking for though.

Anthony browning Reply
Anthony browning February 20, 2016

Right on, ya I have been watching reviews on the xeen lenses and they look great and a good price compared to the competition. I didn’t know they had nd’s behind the lenses on the Xeens. That’s huge. the fs5 is definitely a great camera for the money, I would love to have 10 bit 4:2:2, hope you get it.

 Gery Teague Reply
Gery Teague February 21, 2016

About the NDs, they aren’t built-in to the Xeens, they’re in a couple of adapters that will allow us to put them onto Sonys. But yea, 10bit 4:2:2… all the way :D

Jake Perry Reply
Jake Perry February 18, 2016

80D…. ADD…. lol Focus problems, canon? ;)

Atlas Camera Support Reply
Atlas Camera Support February 18, 2016


 Scott Spellman Reply
Scott Spellman February 18, 2016

Yes another “F*ck You” from Canon to me and every other midrange video shooter.

Anonymous February 18, 2016

yes it does look like zero clean HDMI out as well, at least no one reports it which usually means it is not present. Actually bewildering that no 4K, Even 5D Mark iii only has 8 bit clean out but no audio! 7D mark ii has HDMI out 8 bit, no 4K though. And yes we all know the limits of the Cinema line. I am really out of words for their strategy other than to give Sony a ton of business.

 Gery Teague Reply
Gery Teague February 19, 2016

I absolutely agree with this article. It comes down to what the manufacturers are saying to their users. Canon is offering *very* little that is new, but Sony is always upping the standards. For example the A7s had no internal 4k, everyone complained about this and they fixed it with the A7s2. They did this even though they had partnered with atomos for 4k output. The big complaint I see about the sony A7s2 and A7r2 is the lack of 10bit output (even through hdmi). But I actually believe that Sony will fix this, whereas I don’t believe Canon wants to fix things for their users.

Dmitri Tsitelauri Reply
Dmitri Tsitelauri February 18, 2016

Goodbye Canon… Thanks for good time, I will miss your skin tones :(

Philip Bloom Reply
Philip Bloom February 19, 2016

It is really disappointing. They could bring back so many to Canon by giving it the video features it needs to have. Essentially what the 1Dxii has. After all with that camera you are paying not for the video but for the tank like ability with stills. We know Canon can do great video in DSLRs so they need to bloody well do it!! Nobody wants a one horse race. I love my 1DC still…how has that video ability not filtered down to the rest of the cameras is beyond me.

Tim Fok Reply
Tim Fok February 19, 2016

It’s not even like they’d affect sales in their own lines, the 1DC has surely run it’s course, and there won’t be anybody out there buying the 1DXII solely for video.

Matt Smith Reply
Matt Smith October 8, 2016

“there won’t be anybody out there buying the 1DXII solely for video”.
Yeah Philip, why did you buy a 1DXII to replace your 1DC?

Anton Seim Reply
Anton Seim February 19, 2016

This thing looks like it came out in 2008.

Winfried Halberstadt February 19, 2016

Great read. Little more can be said. De mortuis nil nisi bonum.

 Kelric Saevarson Reply
Kelric Saevarson February 19, 2016

Well, I might sound like fanboy, but there could be another reason for not giving major features to the 80D.
I mean, as written in your article. The XXD Line was allways thought to be for the ethusiastic photographer. And it got to be a good camera for the average youtuber. And for them the features and recording options are just fine.

Lets give Canon a little patience and wait till the announcment of the new 5D or maybe a 5D C.

It won’t be the nice 1,000k canmera for the young filmmaker. But it could be a major beast challenging sonys A7 generation. An this camera could be the one they want to protect…

If not i will be totally on your side!

Tim Fok Reply
Tim Fok February 19, 2016

Hi Kelric,

Thanks for your message.

As I said in the article, it’s not the fact that Canon are crippling their mid to lower end, I appreciate they have other camera and lens lines to protect and a complete shift in strategy is not realistic for a company of this size.

It’s the fact that nothing is being done in the top end to take care of the slack, something needs to be done in the EOS Cinema line, asap to plug a hole that is getting larger and larger with every Sony release.

 Kelric Saevarson Reply
Kelric Saevarson February 29, 2016

could be that canon is plugging a hole ;)

Gene Nemetz Reply
Gene Nemetz February 19, 2016

I don’t know that Canon ever cared so much about video in these non-cinema cameras. Haven’t they more been about photography? Hasn’t competing with Nikon in photography been their priority in these cameras, not competing with Sony and Panasonic for video? I think Nikon passed Canon for fastest auto focus. They’re probably far more worried about that than getting 4K video in this camera. It seems Magic Lantern is what gave Canon so many sales for video use in these type of cameras (yes, I know, specifically the 5D). Without Magic Lantern I don’t think they would have had as big surge in video they enjoyed for a few years. (BTW, what I’m really looking to find out is will the Panasonic GH5 have 6K video? That’s more interesting to me than wondering if Canon will catch up getting to 4K in their ‘affordable’ photography cameras.)

 Seth Holston Reply
Seth Holston February 19, 2016

I’ll stick with my T3i for the time being.

BX Miklos Nemeth Reply
BX Miklos Nemeth February 19, 2016

Why would Canon add 4K to an APS-C consumer camera when the recently released 1″ XC10 costs nearly €2000? Miki

 Seth Holston Reply
Seth Holston February 19, 2016

From taking a closer look at the feature set, it seems like a solid camera. Personally I do not really care for 4K if the image is good in full HD. I want to try the auto focus feature and the headphone output should make a huge difference for videogaphers. It probably takes really good stills too.

 Andrew LoMenzo Reply
Andrew LoMenzo February 19, 2016

It just seems like Canon loves to dance around the perfect camera they could be selling. If this camera had 4k it would have been the start of their much needed come back. With a speed booster and magic lantern this camera could have been a huge success.. if it had 4k capabilities..

 Danny Hernandez Reply
Danny Hernandez February 19, 2016

I don’t know about the new Sony cameras but the A7 was a pain in the ass with its codec. It required an extra processing step that I reay didn’t appreciate. Also didn’t like the “hands on” approach to still images. Have they since fixed that? If not the 80d is for me. Editing my MKii files was a breeze.

Derek Olson February 20, 2016

The fact that you can get results like this camera will produce as easily as it lets you produce them is in fact something we should all be praising imho. Look, you put that 18-135 on there, use that servo for zoom, snap on the autofocus, hit the record button. Take your small file size, yet gradable and beautiful images into premiere and make something unique. Blam. This solves so many problems and let’s you de-clutter your shooting experience so you can have more creative freedom. That’s where Canon is innovating, they make it much less of a pain in the ass to get what you need and keep going. Imagine you are shooting every day, what do you want. No over heating, no huge files, no lens adapters, no overly-complicated color correction just to get an organic image. Will the 80D make you a better filmmaker, maybe, because it will be easier to shoot a ton and store and cut that material, use multiple cameras, get your subject in focus, while keeping your mind clear for the bigger picture. Is its image quality as good as the A7RII? I have a test. Shoot a scene with the Sony, then shoot the same with the Canon, make sure everything is done properly and professionally on both. Now show the two on the newest uncalibrated consumer 4k tv from Best Buy to a random selection of people walking down the street and let them choose which scene they like better. If you think they’ll always choose the A7RII, you are smoking crack. They don’t know the difference, producers don’t know the difference and the image is degraded beyond recognition on both cameras by the time it hits the web regardless. Happy shooting!

Evan Shaw February 20, 2016

For the sake of respect if under full light and soft light with low dynamic range requirements and the lighting and quality of light and color balance on the subject and background are all balanced yes the highly compressed 8’bit 420 interlaced codec would not be too difficult to grade and correct and might look pretty good in post. That said your argument really falls apart when the above are not trie and when you need to crop in transform change exposure domanynextensive color grading luts etc.

Canon has abandoned us who need 422 8 and or 10 bit 422 PRORES out 1080p our 4K.

Tim Fok Reply
Tim Fok February 20, 2016

I agree, as I said I think this will be enough for the consumer, fantastic auto focus, servo zoom and a higher framerate option.

It’s not the 80D that’s the problem, it’s the lack of other surrounding announcements for those who know what to do with a camera, the professionals.

 Gery Teague Reply
Gery Teague February 20, 2016

I feel like Sony has accidentally shown Canon/Nikon the path forward. Mirrorless, 4k, high frame rates, low light, etc, but it’s also lens adaptability. You’ve got dumb adapters, you’ve got autofocus adapters, you’ve got nd filter adapters, variable nd filter adapters and speed boosters.

Canon doesn’t want to jeopardize their current EF lenses. They just need to build a mirrorless camera that is purposely sized to be adapted perfectly with their EF lenses. Unlike the adapters for Sony that mostly/sometimes/don’t work, these would work perfectly. THEN make smaller, more portable lenses specific to the mirrorless body. Now they’ve got two lines of lenses to sell, AND they’ve got a whole litany of adapters, including adapters we haven’t even thought of.

I think the mistake right now is making lenses that fit directly to the camera. They should be designing with the idea that there has to be an adapter in between. Imagine the money they would make and imagine the fun we would have. Suddenly you have art adapters like, special bokeh adapters and you’ve got technical adapters that are any combination of the adapters people are using for the sony cameras.

Canon… Nikon… Sony has shown you how to make money and make your users happy. Make a camera that requires adapters for the native lenses and your DSLR lenses alike. Make yourself some money and make yourself some happy customers.

Anonymous February 22, 2016

I agree Gery! By not wanting to jeopardize anything they have actually done exactly that. Being defensive is the worst way to practice in any profession or business. Forging ahead gets it done. Edison for example was not actually always to first to do something, but he was smart enough to have a team that did it right and well and kept working on it. Later in life he got paranoid and began to fail. This happens in companies as in individuals. It almost happened at Sony, remember? They had quite a melt down in some areas and almost went away. So wake up Canon

 Sulaiman Sibai Reply
Sulaiman Sibai February 24, 2016

Great Read – so on point! Fingers crossed the pull their finger out!

 Leon Cooper Reply
Leon Cooper May 18, 2016

As an enthusiast who makes a little money on the side with Photography, the 80D was a worthwhile upgrade from the 60D for me. I saw the A6300 but the superior features weren’t worth the drawbacks for me. I do have money invested in Canon EF-S glass and I don’t spend enough on my photography to justify re-buying my favorite lenses. I also much prefer the bulkier, sturdier feel of the EOS line of cameras. The A6300 is compact and light but also feels like a fragile toy in comparison.

My favorite new features on the 80D were the wifi connectivity, improved live-view focus (for video), huge improvement in AF & AF point count (vs. my 60D) and the vastly improved array of video sizes and formats. Specifically I was happy I could finally shoot 720p video at 30 FPS and create files that were a mere 30 MB/min. See, 90% of any video I do is either for a YouTube channel or just family events that I want to look really nice. That means they just end up on online (Who burns blu-ray discs anyways?). So 4K video is 100% meaningless to me; decent quality video that doesn’t soak up huge amount of space is what I care about. And have you ever tried editing video on a mid-range PC? 720p@30FPS is a dream in AFX and Premier; editing 4K video is a nightmare.

I’m guessing I fit the target audience for this camera line fairly well and that’s why my experience with it is mostly positive. More than anything I value familiar, easy-to-use interfaces, easy handling and durability. What the Canon lacks in technical specifications it completely makes up for in physical design; it was easily worth the trade-off for almost the same price.

I have to assume that Canon is being stubborn and wants to hold out 4k video as a feature for the 7D line (or worse, the FF Cameras only). I think they’ll regret it eventually but the consumer market is very forgiving for the major brands because most people get lost in technical specs, for now anyway.