Came-TV RGBDT Panels – High-CRI at Any Colour, Any Temperature

The Came-TV RGBDT panels feature an array of different coloured LEDS to achieve high CRI at any setting. They come in 20W, 75W and 150W models.

The name may be a bit of a tongue twister, but there is actually a logic behind all those letters. As David from Came-TV explains, although RGB LED panels offer great flexibility in creating combinations of colours between red, green and blue, the CRI – or Colour Rendition Index – can drop drastically when trying to dial in a Daylight or Tungsten color temperature.

The technology implemented in the Came TV RGBDT fixtures incorporates Daylight and Tungsten LEDs into the RGB array in order to maintain a high CRI across all hues. The models presented at IBC were prototypes of the final product, so the extreme ends of the colour temperature from Tungsten to Daylight haven’t been established just yet.

The Came TV RGBDT fixtures feature quite a slim body, with two knobs at the back that allow you to control colour temperature and brightness. A set of buttons lets you select the individual red, green and blue channels, which are controlled by a single knob. The lights offer the user visual feedback on the current settings via an on-board display.


In terms of power, the little 20W model can take a couple of Sony NP-F style batteries in addition to DC. Powering the 75W and 150W on the go requires moving up to V-lock batteries, with the larger of the two models needing two batteries simultaneously due to its larger power draw. Of course, both larger models also take DC power.

A very nice touch is the inclusion of magnetic barn doors that snap onto the Came TV RGBDT panels very easily, making setup changes on set that much quicker.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any pricing information available just yet, but you should be able to purchase these light fixtures from around November time. For more information, visit

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