Broken Anchor Zero – Possibly The Last Lens Gear You’ll Ever Need

The Broken Anchor Zero is a universal lens gear that offers a quick release system that can greatly speed up swapping between non-geared lenses. We talked to Josh from Broken Anchor at Cine Gear Expo 2017 to find out more.

The Broken Anchor Zero is a lens gear that allows you to use photo lenses with follow focus systems. However, its unique feature is its ability to be mounted and removed quickly via its click wheel, rather than messing around with flimsy thumb wheels or cable ties. Three little feet along the inside of the ring can be extended to match any lens, as long as its outer diameter is between 60 and 92mm – a size range that encompasses most photo lenses out there. Once you reach the desired size, you can clamp it down, and you’re good to go, making a lens change possible in seconds.

broken anchor zero

The Broken Anchor Zero will work on a wide range of lenses.

Another advantage of the Broken Anchor Zero is its large outside diameter. Although this may seem a bit overkill when used on smaller photo lenses, this is actually a diameter size reminiscent of larger cinema glass, and will translate the small focus throw characteristic of photography lenses into a larger turn of the wheel. This means you can be a lot more precise with your focus – just what you want for filmmaking use.

The Broken Anchor Zero is available for $299, and you can order it from their website.

Does the Broken Anchor Zero look like a good alternative to all those plasticky lens gears you have lying around? Let us know in the comments!

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Adam Linssen

$299? For a lens gear? i can get 3d printed gears for 40

Christian Bright

Sadly I must agree. Amazing invention. (I really could use one)
Outrageous price. (I won’t be getting one)

 Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones

Couldn’t agree more. I’d love to buy one— for a third that price… :(

 thomas koch
thomas koch

I got a chance to test this out at Cinegear and it really is quite a cool product. What makes it with the money is it quickly and securely mounts and unmounts to a lens. You only need to buy one, and you don’t have to store your lenses with the ring attached.

It was extremely well made as well.

 Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones

Honestly, I see storing lenses with gears attached as a feature, not a shortcoming.

When I switch lenses I want to have as little messing with stuff as possible. Having to switch the gear to the new lens just adds one more thing to have to do.

It’s true you only have to buy one, but I think what people are saying is, we don’t mind buying more than one if they are 1/10th the price.

 Austrian Geek
Austrian Geek

Nice idea – But the price …

As mentioned already here, you could get 3D printed ones
for a few lenses (if you use 3D printer communities).
And no switching at all is even faster ^^.

For 1/3 of the price – OK – Nice idea. But not at 300 bucks -.-
(Even if you go for the more expensive 3D printed
ones you can get EASILY 2 or 3 of them at that price point.)