Blackmagic Production Camera 4K – all about the intriguing new camera

Blackmagic just announced and presented their new Production Camera 4K – a $4000 camera that offers 4K recording on a global shutter (no jelly) super35mm sized sensor. Wow!

As posted this morning Blackmagic hit NAB just as hard as last year surpassing everyones expectations with the announcement of a $995 pocket version of the BMCC and an intriguing 4K/global shutter version of their famous Blackmagic Cinema Camera costing only $3995.

Blackmagic Production Cinema Camera 4KGet your pre-orders (LINK) done as this camera will probably be sold in no time. The Blackmagic Production Cinema Camera may look just like the original Blackmagic Camera, but in fact it has an extremely powerful sensor in it: 4K in 12bit raw for $3995. That is truly revolutionary, once again…

Just 1 hour ago Blackmagic hald a press release revealing everything on their new cameras and several other new products.

Here are all the details on the 4K wonder camera:

  • 4K 35mm imaging sensor
  • same body as original BMCC
  • internal battery again :(
  • 12 stops of dynamic range (original BMCC has 13)
  • only EF mount
  • records to SSD
  • Apple ProRes & compressed CinemaDNG 12 bit RAW
  • jack mic/line audio in
  • 6G-SDI out (extremely high data rate)
  • headphone mini jack, Thunderbolt, LANC remote

As you probably know the original Blackmagic Cinema Camera suffered some availability problems due to production flaws which delayed the camera for many months.
Blackmagic assured us they learned from their lessons and have put power into getting it out right this time.
The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K should already be avilable by July this year.

These new cameras are very interesting indeed, but on the other hand this announcement also makes your other Blackmagic Cinema Camera and even the not yet release Cinema Camera MFT obsolete. It’s a crazy time in this business.

Stay tuned, as we run the NAB floors and get in touch with the people making the products we work with.

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Simon April 8, 2013

If I were BlackMagic, I would create an

APS-C sensor,
EF mount,
2.7K RAW or ProRes
camera with 12 stops of dynamic range,
and maybe the global shutter,
records to SD or SSD
Interchangeable batteries

This would be perfect for me, and I think would be popular, for people switching from DSLRs, improving on dynamic range, and losing the rolling shutter, without a huge price tag, or such a big jump in terms of disk space and data storage.

Mr. Blah April 9, 2013

So, it sounds like you’re asking for the Blackmagic Production Camera with a lower pixel resolution and am interchangeable battery… for less than half the price.
Wouldn’t we all like that? :-P

Mr. Blah April 9, 2013

(It seems as if the smiley face I put at the end of my post somehow ended up over top of my profile image… interesting.)

Anuwat Pitakkorn Reply
Anuwat Pitakkorn April 8, 2013

4K ตัวนี้ แสนสองเอง? ~*

Simon Bailey Reply
Simon Bailey April 9, 2013

Dude I know what you mean but I really dont think they are going to remake Friends in 4K.

Daniel April 16, 2013

LOL :)

David Weldon April 8, 2013

Any word from BMD on the frame rates available for this camera? I’m hoping they can at least get 60i (preferred 60p) into this camera. It would make it a perfect buy for a lot of people. May steer some away from the Canon EOS 1D-C

trabb April 8, 2013

Some one posted o the The BlackMagic Forum this info

Shooting Resolutions
3840 x 2160, 1920×1080.
Frame Rates
3840 x 2160p23.98,
3840 x 2160p24,
3840 x 2160p25,
3840 x 2160p29.97,
3840 x 2160p30,
1920 x 1080p23.98,
1920 x 1080p24,
1920 x 1080p25,
1920 x 1080p29.97,
1920 x 1080p30,
1920 x 1080p50i,
1920 x 1080p59.94i.

Richard April 8, 2013

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K Question: What is the crop factor on this particular Large Super 35mm Sensor? I am having a hard time finding the right crop number from multiple websites giving me different numbers.

 Ruben Fernandez Naar Reply
Ruben Fernandez April 9, 2013

between 1.4 and 1.5x

Ahmed April 18, 2013

Is that for 4K or when shooting HD?
I mean i think if you shoot 4k the crop factor will be much more, can anyone confirm?

Lee April 8, 2013

Hmm, not crazy about only 12 stops of DR. To me 13 stops is the minimum I need (I make films for the theatrical release).

Simon Bailey Reply
Simon Bailey April 9, 2013

12 is still a lot. Act of Valour shot largely on 5DMkII’s that are only about 9.5 – 10 stops looked fine.

Lee April 9, 2013

I didn’t like how the highlights and shadows were clipped in that movie, all due to high compression. So with 12 stops were losing some DR and a little color science. Maybe not much? We shall see…

Augusto Alves da Silva April 9, 2013

Let´s see when we can get hold of one or both…I doubt july. More like ember if sensors don´t burn.

Patrick Murray Reply
Patrick Murray April 10, 2013

What does ‘lightly compressed’ mean?

PeterK April 11, 2013

I heard they plan for a 1.5:1 compression for CinemaDNG

steven April 10, 2013

its amazing now people want the 13 stops of dynamic range,,,most dont even know what dynamic range is,,how do people get so spoiled on cameras,most people just post there videos to youtube or vimeo and call it art,,,you dont need 13 stops to do that,,why would you want to see into the shadows anyway,,,i like crushed black shadows,,way more dramatic,,,you dont need the best camera to film a great storuy people,,,you need good content,,good writing,,good story,,who sits on the theater and says,,OH,,,THE DYNAMIC RANGE LOOKS SO GOOD??or..OH,,THE RESOLUTION IS AMAZING,,WHAT CAMERA DID THEY FILM THIS ON???get off the trip people..,who can tell me what dynamic range is???

Bobby April 11, 2013

Your mom!

Daniel May 22, 2013

Where did your spacebar go?

Lee April 13, 2013

I’m really digging the concept of buying one of these pocket cinema cameras. You throw a metabones speed booster on it and the sensor becomes near super 35mm! In fact, it would be slightly larger than the sensor on the 4k camera. Wow. So you lose a little resolution, but film has a softer look anyway; plus that tiny camera has 13 stops of DR and great color science. It’s a steal.

Ahmed April 18, 2013

I really want to know the crop of the sensor when shooting in 4K
I am looking online but cant find anything

Jese Temo April 24, 2013

It’s 1.6

Andy May 19, 2013

The sensor is not actually “Super 35” as they are marketing it.

A Canon C100 is closest to “Super 35” with a 1.5X crop factor. Canon APS-C DSLRs (60D, 7D etc) is a bit smaller with a 1.6X crop factor and the Blackmagic Production Camera’s sensor is even smaller with about a 1.7X+ Crop Factor.

Andy May 19, 2013

Before NAB 2013 I was all set to buy the Cinema Camera. Now things are muddled again.

4K and global shutter are great, however the biggest issue for me is low light sensitivity.

The “Blackmagic Cinema Camera” has just barely enough sensitivity to be usable for Run-N-Gun nighttime street scenes.

I’m afraid that the 1+ stop sensitivity reduction in the Production Camera will make nighttime Run-N-Gun use impossible.

The 5DMKIII raw also sounds intriguing, however the cost of 1,000X CF Cards is just too high right now and I would need a lot of them.

Allan Begg July 10, 2013

How would this BMC compare with Sony nex vg900 ff video cam ?

Allan Begg July 10, 2013

Nex vg900 Sony is cheaper ff but not 4k al

Q frames films March 15, 2014

we want blackmajic 4k..