Blackmagic Production Camera 4K – all about the intriguing new camera

Blackmagic just announced and presented their new Production Camera 4K – a $4000 camera that offers 4K recording on a global shutter (no jelly) super35mm sized sensor. Wow!

As posted this morning Blackmagic hit NAB just as hard as last year surpassing everyones expectations with the announcement of a $995 pocket version of the BMCC and an intriguing 4K/global shutter version of their famous Blackmagic Cinema Camera costing only $3995.

Blackmagic Production Cinema Camera 4KGet your pre-orders (LINK) done as this camera will probably be sold in no time. The Blackmagic Production Cinema Camera may look just like the original Blackmagic Camera, but in fact it has an extremely powerful sensor in it: 4K in 12bit raw for $3995. That is truly revolutionary, once again…

Just 1 hour ago Blackmagic hald a press release revealing everything on their new cameras and several other new products.

Here are all the details on the 4K wonder camera:

  • 4K 35mm imaging sensor
  • same body as original BMCC
  • internal battery again :(
  • 12 stops of dynamic range (original BMCC has 13)
  • only EF mount
  • records to SSD
  • Apple ProRes & compressed CinemaDNG 12 bit RAW
  • jack mic/line audio in
  • 6G-SDI out (extremely high data rate)
  • headphone mini jack, Thunderbolt, LANC remote

As you probably know the original Blackmagic Cinema Camera suffered some availability problems due to production flaws which delayed the camera for many months.
Blackmagic assured us they learned from their lessons and have put power into getting it out right this time.
The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K should already be avilable by July this year.

These new cameras are very interesting indeed, but on the other hand this announcement also makes your other Blackmagic Cinema Camera and even the not yet release Cinema Camera MFT obsolete. It’s a crazy time in this business.

Stay tuned, as we run the NAB floors and get in touch with the people making the products we work with.

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If I were BlackMagic, I would create an

APS-C sensor,
EF mount,
2.7K RAW or ProRes
camera with 12 stops of dynamic range,
and maybe the global shutter,
records to SD or SSD
Interchangeable batteries

This would be perfect for me, and I think would be popular, for people switching from DSLRs, improving on dynamic range, and losing the rolling shutter, without a huge price tag, or such a big jump in terms of disk space and data storage.

Mr. Blah
Mr. Blah

So, it sounds like you’re asking for the Blackmagic Production Camera with a lower pixel resolution and am interchangeable battery… for less than half the price.
Wouldn’t we all like that? :-P

Mr. Blah
Mr. Blah

(It seems as if the smiley face I put at the end of my post somehow ended up over top of my profile image… interesting.)

Anuwat Pitakkorn

4K ตัวนี้ แสนสองเอง? ~*

Simon Bailey

Dude I know what you mean but I really dont think they are going to remake Friends in 4K.


LOL :)

David Weldon

Any word from BMD on the frame rates available for this camera? I’m hoping they can at least get 60i (preferred 60p) into this camera. It would make it a perfect buy for a lot of people. May steer some away from the Canon EOS 1D-C


Some one posted o the The BlackMagic Forum this info

Shooting Resolutions
3840 x 2160, 1920×1080.
Frame Rates
3840 x 2160p23.98,
3840 x 2160p24,
3840 x 2160p25,
3840 x 2160p29.97,
3840 x 2160p30,
1920 x 1080p23.98,
1920 x 1080p24,
1920 x 1080p25,
1920 x 1080p29.97,
1920 x 1080p30,
1920 x 1080p50i,
1920 x 1080p59.94i.

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