Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera – All about the new $995 wonder

Blackmagic Pocket Camera
Blackmagic just announced and presented their new Pocket Cinema Camera – a full Blackmagic Cinema Camera, but 10 times smaller and lighter.

As posted this morning Blackmagic hit NAB just as hard as last year surpassing everyones expectations with the announcement of a 4K/global shutter version of their famous Blackmagic Cinema Camera costing only $4000 and another $995 mini version of the BMCC.

Blackmagic Pocket CameraOnly 1 hour ago Blackmagic started their press release with all the information on said cameras and several other new products.

What is the Pocket Cinema Camera?
Blackmagic Pocket CameraIt really is just that, a pocket version of the cinema camera which is a lot more affordable at its crazy pricepoint of just $995.

Very interestingly this pocket camera has switchable batteries which is a nice addition, and an active MFT mount on it. The camera feels very nice in the hand and is comparable in size to a Sony NEX-5N or similar pocket cameras.

Here are all the important details about the new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera:

  • Same sensor as Blackmagic Cinema Camera (but different size!)
  • Removable battery! (yay)
  • records to SD cards
  • records in RAW (cinemaDNG format) or ProRes
  • active MFT (micro four thirds) mount allowing for very versatile lens use.
  • Almost all same functionality as original BMCC
  • 13 stops dynamic range
  • Supports 1080HD resolution capture in 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97 and 30 fps.
  • mini jack mic/line audio in
  • micro HDMI out
  • headphone mini jack
  • LANC remote control
  • DC 12V power connection
  • No low-pass filter (resulting in same aliasing on highlights as BMCC)

Blackmagic Pocket Camera & Nino Leitner communicating to the worldAvailability?
We talked to several of our contacts from Blackmagic this morning and had some very interesting discussions. The most important one probably being about availability. The original Blackmagic Cinema Camera suffered some availability problems due to production flaws which delayed the camera for many months.

Blackmagic assured us they learned from their lessons and have put power into getting it out right this time.
The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera should already be avilable by July this year.

Stay tuned, uploading a video and all info on 4K cinema camera now.

Check out the video interview with Dan May we just published, it also covers the Pocket Cinema Camera

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John Marc Green Reply
John Marc Green April 8, 2013


Yevgeniy K Reply
Yevgeniy K'banchik April 8, 2013

yey)) in your face canon, in your face.

Beny Badach Reply
Beny Badach April 8, 2013


 Ernie Prieto Reply
Ernie April 8, 2013

I need this little guy in my life

Francis Levy April 8, 2013

This is the EOS-M killer! I can’t wait to get one. If they add an advanced time lapse mode (with bulb ramping and HDR bracketing) on firmware updates, this little beast could be the best mirrorless time lapse camera ever!

 Oman Mirzaie Reply
oman m April 18, 2013

Its more than just a Canon eos-M killer, it shits on ALL dslr cameras including the Canon 5D MK3 and even GH3. This should be a good thing for us, as Nikon, Sony, Canon etc will have to offer some kinda competitive camera at a more competitive price point. Right now, they are all taking us for a ride. Even the Canon c300 will have a tough time against this little baby and more so with the BMCC 4K camera. The C300 also costs 20x more than a BMCC pocket camera!!

Sebastian Leitner Reply
Sebastian Leitner April 8, 2013

good that i canceled my order of the old and shitty BMCC. now i could get 4K for the same amount of money

Hubert April 9, 2013

Calling the BMCC “old and shitty” is pretty silly.
The 4K version isn’t the best version either as you lose a bit of dynamic range. So it really depends on your workflow and the res output you really want.

David April 8, 2013

Any jello effect on this cam?

David Guillemette Reply
David Guillemette April 8, 2013

Any shutter speed jello effect?

Simon Bailey Reply
Simon Bailey April 9, 2013

You’d think they would fix all the issues with the first camera before releasing another two. It leaves me with no confidence in the new models.

Simon Bailey Reply
Simon Bailey April 9, 2013

And another thing. Why is it almost $100 more in Australia than America when our dollar is worth more than the US dollar and Blackmagic is an Australian company?? Thats crap!!

matt harding April 11, 2013

@Simon, Miller, Rode, they all do it. Blackmagic minus GST in australia is actually $977 so we do get it slightly cheaper. $1075 inc GST.

Don April 10, 2013

Simon look at Rode they like to do shit like that to. Pi**es me off.. Bt damn this camera is crazy (I dont even feel that extra $100 it just feels like a steal!)

Propaganda Guy April 10, 2013

Australia – Probably Co2 Tax.

Mike April 10, 2013

Price point does not mean price. If you mean price you’re in luck. You can just say price, save some time and not look like you’re trying to be fancy.

 Oman Mirzaie Reply
oman m April 18, 2013

Are you actually writing to me? I was not trying to be fancy, but in fact l have used the correct term, as you can see below.


Suggested retail price of a product, determined in such a way as to compete with prices of other products. A product may be introduced with a specific price point, but that price may be altered depending on current demand and competition.

Ryan Velasco April 16, 2013

I know you can mount different size lenses on the camera but if you mount the camera on a rig is the camera strong enough to hold a lens or do you need a lens support bracket?

 Oman Mirzaie Reply
oman m April 18, 2013

If you have a rather large or heavy lens, then l would be a little hessitent to mount the camera with lens to a rig/tripod.

There are 2 ways around this that lm aware of.

1. Buy a metabones speedbooster (when available). This adapter has a screw thread that you can mount to the rig/tripod. This also makes you wide angle lens wide again on the BMCC as there is a 3x crop factor on this sensor!! It also makes your lens 1 stop faster!!

2. Buy a lens support. Most rig manufaturers sell them, they mount to 15mm rods. This will take most of the pressure of the camera.

coarsen May 22, 2013

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Roberto May 26, 2013

Which do you prefer?

Black Magic Pocket or Sony Nex 5N?
I think is better Black Magic, but..

Sensor BMagic size= 12,5mm X 7mm
Sensor Nex 5N size= 23,5mm x15mm !!!

Bmagic only video.
Sony Nex 5N Video and photo.

Price Bmagic 785€
Price Sony 599€

Please, why I have to buy a BMagic and not a Sony Nex 5N???
Thank You.

Sebastian Wöber May 27, 2013

Hi Roberto,
This really depends on the kind of work you would like to do. You couldn’t pick cameras more unlike each other in this price range. For the Blackmagic you will require more time and knowledge to make good shots and a post processing workflow and time and resources for color correction, the NEX will give you good pictures out of the box but possibly a less pleasing result than well made blackmagic stuff. So it really depends on your expertise and time you can invest in the camera.
To me it sounds like you are pretty new to this filmmaking thing, so I’d guess you’ll be better off not going with the Blackmagic.

Dante August 26, 2013

All i’d want from this thing besides all the sexy features it already comes with is the RAW they promised us , and a way to take a screen shot or still frame capture and maybe it will be exported from camera as 18mp :D lol