BB&S Pipeline – Compact and Affordable Remote Phosphor Lights

BB&S make remote phosphor LED lights with a high light output and excellent soft light quality. We liked their new compact and affordable remote phosphor kit “Pipeline”.

bb&s-pipelineIn this video Toby Sali presented their 1 foot – 4 foot remote phosphor based LED lights. They reduced the light-size to a 1 foot bar, which has a 10W power draw, with 1000 lumens.

You can buy these lights in 3200K, 4300K and 5600K colour temperature. It is made out of 98TLCI strong plastic, which won’t break it. The back of the light is aluminum. It comes with stands, 2 light, power supplies and a case and will cost you $850. These are available now.

You can also buy individual Pipeline Reporter lights for $350 each.

We think the compact design of the lights really stands out and the fact that they are the first affordable remote phosphor lights that have a very even, soft and strong light output.

The remote-phosphor based LED lights also come in other sizes. 2 foot , 3 foot and 4 foot pipes. The 3 and 4 foot pipes go into a 4-bank system with full DMX controls and a battery plate. It weighs around 5kg with up to 14000 lumens. And they are working on softboxes for these ones that should become available in the next months.

Depending on if you want to use the same colour temperature lights or you would like to mix them up, the 4-bank light system will cost between EU1400 – EU1600. These are all available now.

Softboxes for the 4-bank light system will be available in the near future.

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