Battle of the Gimbals – DJI Ronin-M vs CAME-TV CAME-Single

This DJI Ronin-M vs CAME-TV CAME-Single video by offers a real world test of these two gimbals. While both systems offer very good results, they each have their pros and cons, and will suit different situations.

DJI Ronin-M vs CAME-TV CAME-Single Go Head to Head

Produced by Kumaran Herold & Michael Kiessling from, along with free-runner Ruben Schubert and their team, they take the two gimbals through a number of comparison tests.

  1. Assembly
  2. Parallel tracking
  3. 180 degree panning
  4. Coffee break (single hand)
  5. Confined spaces
  6. Between takes (putting the gimbal down)
  7. 360 degree arc shot
  8. Choreography

Take a look for yourself and if you have any of the mentioned gimbals, let us know what you think by sharing your working experience with us.

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Ed Lapeos August 23, 2016

Thanks for sharing a well done video.

Just a note on the Came gimbals in general. While using these I’ve discovered they’re not that great at holding it steady and smooth at the pan axis. Often there’s a stutter when panning or when moving a little bit faster.

They can be adjusted but it’s a complicated process to change values in SimpleBGC and test to get them perfect.

José Pedroso Reply
José Pedroso August 23, 2016

I did not see a single image stabilized with Came-Tv

Emile Modesitt Reply
Emile Modesitt August 23, 2016

They show a bunch of footage shot with the Came-tv single

Bryce Hooper Reply
Bryce Hooper August 23, 2016

Try doing the same handheld and compare that to the Came-Single

José Pedroso Reply
José Pedroso August 23, 2016

Bryce my friend, im a dop for 10 years and 7 years camera operator, before that, i think i’ve hold camera time enogh

José Pedroso Reply
José Pedroso August 23, 2016

If u wanna play with your hands its ok, don’t call it professional, cause it’s not

Joshua Vonsander Reply
Joshua Vonsander August 23, 2016

Daivid UdDi

Daivid UdDi Reply
Daivid UdDi August 23, 2016

Came-tv single is already out dated, optimus is the new one, and it’s way better. Load wise it still looses, but everything else is better.

Darren Streibig Reply
Darren Streibig August 23, 2016

Coffee break is the most important 😂👌🏻

Sergio Lorenco Reply
Sergio Lorenco August 23, 2016

I hesitate between Wenpod and The Camtool Alpha Beam . They looks more complet.

Evan Shaw August 23, 2016

So where is the Helix Jr. Aluminum version. Superior in every way to both. Even one hand operation putting down on ground programmability and quick set up and lens changes!!!!!

James Davis Reply
James Davis August 23, 2016

Compare the Ronin M with the Came TV Optimus

paolo baroni August 24, 2016

They get crap footage from cameTV and they simply say “due to the settings that are NOT properly adjusted” ?????
dude what the f— u do a comparison for??? to show yourself??
total rookie

T F August 24, 2016

Lots of buzz out there with the CameTV gimbals the last year or so. Something really important to keep in mind that nobody seems to mention:

In order to fine-tune the CameTV gimbals, you need to use the SimpleBGC software on your computer – and it’s a fairly awful experience. Steep learning curve and very un-intuitive interface. The presets on the gimbal will leave much to be desired if you are really going to try and get the most out of your gimbal, so fine-tuning through software is a bridge most users will want to cross eventually. The DJI app on your phone is easier to use and much more convenient. It also means you can adjust during a shoot day.

I can cut SimpleBGC some slack because it’s a free open-source program, and with much practice you can get it to do what you want… But seriously… It’s like it was designed by Pied Piper or something ;-)

Palmer Woodrow August 27, 2016

+1 for Pied Piper

and useful info

paolo baroni August 24, 2016

DJI software is far superior for semplicity and customization
dji is chinese top quality came tv is chinese quality if u understand me…. i got a battery DOA
my experience with both is came tv is perfect if u film slowmo,otherwise always need post stabilization…..ronin way superior steady shot all along the shot
came to travel backpack with motorbike
ronin always by car
came if u go to mcdonalds
ronin if u go to the gym

Guy McLoughlin August 24, 2016

I would love to see the same test made with the PilotFly H2 single handed gimbal, which looks to be a lot more stable than the CAME-TV Single.

謝月鳳 Reply
謝月鳳 August 26, 2016


Palmer Woodrow August 27, 2016

Hm, apparently you didn’t notice that this site is in ENGLISH.

Palmer Woodrow August 27, 2016

Those are two totally different styles of gimbal. WTF?

Nathan Lee Bush September 2, 2016

How about Came Optimus vs Ronin M.. that’s the matchup I wanna see.