Battle of the Gimbals – DJI Ronin-M vs CAME-TV CAME-Single

This DJI Ronin-M vs CAME-TV CAME-Single video by offers a real world test of these two gimbals. While both systems offer very good results, they each have their pros and cons, and will suit different situations.

DJI Ronin-M vs CAME-TV CAME-Single Go Head to Head

Produced by Kumaran Herold & Michael Kiessling from, along with free-runner Ruben Schubert and their team, they take the two gimbals through a number of comparison tests.

  1. Assembly
  2. Parallel tracking
  3. 180 degree panning
  4. Coffee break (single hand)
  5. Confined spaces
  6. Between takes (putting the gimbal down)
  7. 360 degree arc shot
  8. Choreography

Take a look for yourself and if you have any of the mentioned gimbals, let us know what you think by sharing your working experience with us.