Battle of the Camera Underdogs: Blackmagic Design vs. Apertus vs. Kinefinity – ON THE COUCH Ep. 27

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Here’s something we have saved for the holidays – a 50 minute discussion between the three “underdogs” – and relative newcomers – of the camera industry: Blackmagic Design, Apertus Open Source Cinema and Kinefinity.

Those are three very different manufacturers who got into the business for very different reasons, but they have one thing in common: They haven’t done this for a long time, are thinking outside the box and still make a lot of mistakes. And they all produce cameras that are capable of shooting really high-quality RAW or ProRes images that strive to challenge the “establishment”: Sony, Arri, Canon. (I wouldn’t add RED to that list because they were truly the first ones to bring prices of the competition down by introducing the RED ONE back in the day …).


Enjoy this very engaging conversation with Tim Siddons from Blackmagic Design, Sebastian Pichelhofer from Apertus and Michel Juknat for Kinefinity. I particularly enjoyed Sebastian Pichelhofer challenging Tim Siddons for some of Blackmagic’s choices when designing and developing cameras.

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Rafael Molina Reply
Rafael Molina December 29, 2015

Really interesting face off, thanks.

Илија Каравлах Reply
Илија Каравлах December 29, 2015

with all do respect Mr. Juknat in this video looks like he dropped form a plain. if Kinefinty wants to be present in market they need better PR then they have now. just take a look what a huge difference BM presentation had. BM rap, Mr. Tim Siddons was eloquent, competent and right on a ball, on the other hand other two raps looked like a Ham Radio enthusiasts. IF Kinefinty wants to be taken seriously by industry, they need to take them self seriously

 Le Schrenk Reply
Le Schrenk December 30, 2015

If you want to take a closer look at the KineMINI 4K by Kinefinity, here’s a review about it:

Tim Naylor Naylor January 3, 2016

The Kinifnity holds the crown for the best lens mount solutions. Their PL stye EF mount and now with a focal reducer makes this quite exciting. Considering non of these cameras are low light beasts, this should be quite useful.

Mel Feliciano January 5, 2016

NAB2015…Really? What took you so long.

Nino Leitner Reply
Nino Leitner January 5, 2016

We knew this would be relevant for a long time and the holidays seemed like the right time to publish.

Paul Tindle January 28, 2016

Interesting! if you don’t mind me asking, what mics are those being used in the video?

Stuart Dye March 15, 2016

Blackmagic had a good presentation, Because he was a NATIVE ENGLISH Speaker, the Kinefinity chap was struggling with his english. Some of what BM was saying was slightly contradictory about customer care witch i have NOT seen much of on their forum! completely ignoring customers complaining of camera failure on a PAID JOB was a common complaint. I saw plenty of battles between paying customers and the ‘AGENT SMITHS’ (non BM staff) they have patrolling the BM forum catching the attacking persons and replying with hints of sarcasm. i too was interested in a BM camera and was very close to buying one but i soon realized Camera RELIABILITY was a big issue with BM, and RELIABILITY was top of my list for my newer camera!!! so i ended up paying the premium and going for a tried and tested Sony video camera with Reliable camera software. I used to own a Sony PD150 and PDX10 back in the day. Out of the 3 companies sat in the video the only one i would seriously think about buying a camera from would be Kinefinity as i have not seen any sensor issues with their first 3 cameras. I just couldn’t trust a BM camera on a Paid Job i would be biting my nails to the bone!