Atomos Power Station – continuous power for all devices on your rig

power-stationAtomos just added a new product to their existing lineup of widely used hard disk recorders and camera converters. The power station is a small brick that helps power all devices on your rig including the camera itself.

The Atomos power station seems like an intelligent approach. The common solution to powering a whole camera rig is to use v-mount or other third party batteries as base stations, but they are heavy and can complicate your rig. The Atomos solution uses adapters to accommodate your native camera batteries (2 at a time) as a power source for your camera and any additional accessories. We like the idea.

The Atomos power station will be available at the end of next month October and cost $295.

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Eric Darling September 17, 2014

The best piece of news in the whole thing is that the Shogun will officially handle FS700 4K RAW. And, presumably, it should work without needing expensive proprietary drives striped together…

Kevin September 17, 2014

Looks a bit bulky.

Maybe they need to build it into their recorders. Now that would be exciting news.

William Koehler September 18, 2014

I would bet that building the charging station into the recorder+screen would make it to heavy to mount it to the hotshoe on top of the camera.