Artemis Prime Directors Viewfinder and App for iOS and Android

Artemis Prime Directors Viewfinder app and hardware solution allows you to compose any shot from any camera and lens combination.

Directors viewfinders are a must have on set to frame up shots and compose scenes but due to their construction they can be expensive. The Artemis Prime by Chemical Wedding is a hardware and iPad app solution to visualize the field of view from a range of industry standard cameras and lenses.

Artemis Prime

The cameras and lenses can be chosen in the app depending on your choice of setup, as well as frame guides that aid in shot composition, from traditional 16:9 through to 2:39:1 aspect ratios. You also have the ability to load a look into the on screen preview, however as the app is for visualization, LUT’s are not supported, yet. Virtual stand ins for character placement can be added, along with notes for crew or others in the .

The hardware aspect of Artemis Prime is the lens mount which is integrated with an Apple iPad running the app. It can accept any PL or Panavision mount lens, and both spherical or anamorphic lens types. The downside to this is the hardware is around $6500.00 and is not available with common lens mounts such as EF, E or Nikon F mount. However, compared to traditional directors viewfinders, that price point is actually very competitive – but it might still be the most expensive iPad Case in the world, despite being much more than that.

That being said, the Artemis Directors Viewfinder app is available on the iTunes Store for only $29.99, with the Artemis Pro update becoming available around November time. Whether its your first short film up to high end productions, the Artemis Directors Viewfinder app can give you the foresight to compose any scene and camera setup, with the Artemis Prime hardware extending that functionality.

Artemis Prime by Chemical Weddings is available to purchase on their website here.

Will you be checking out the Artemis Directors Viewfinder app for your future filmmaking adventures? Let us know in the comments.