ARRI S360-C SkyPanel LED: Now Bigger and Brighter

ARRI just celebrated their 100th year anniversary by announcing their most impressive LED soft light to date: the ARRI SkyPanel S360-C. It’s big, has a huge output and it won’t be cheap. 

The SkyPanel series comes in several sizes, but the ARRI S360-C is certainly becoming the flagship model. It’s surface area measures over 5.8 times that of the next largest SkyPanel, the S60, and it outputs soft light at a 105-degree angle.

In terms of output, the ARRI S360-C outperforms its SkyPanel cousins by a factor of four, and its 120,000 lumens make it one of the brightest LED lights in the category. Like other ARRI SkyPanels the S360-C ships with a whole host of useful effects such as fire, candle and lighting looks that were first introduced at NAB earlier this year as part of Firmware update 3.0.


Image Credit: ARRI

A bunch of accessories are available for the ARRI S360-C including different types of diffusion panels, a honeycomb and snap grid as well as a road case for travel.

ARRI also announced a separate device at IBC called the Skylink that brings wireless control through the DMX port to the rest of the SkyPanel line. For new owners of the S360-C, wireless control functionality is already built into the fixture.

Technical Highlights: 

  • Built in Wireless DMX
  • Color-tuneable from 2800K to 10,000K.
  • Swappable Front Diffusion Panels – Standard, Heavy and Intensifier
  • Carbon-Fiber Yoke

The programmable soft light LED category is becoming crowded these days with the just-announced Litepanel Gemini and the more affordable Kino Select 20 and 30 DMX fixtures, both of which compete with the SkyPanel. While primarily a rental-only option for many, the SkyPanel S360-C will surely find a home on set as a versatile, low power-draw and high-output LED light.

Pricing: Between €14,400 and €22,000
Availability: TBD

$28,000 exc. VATBack-Ordered

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Derek McCabe Reply
Derek McCabe September 27, 2017

insane pricing… it’s a light Arri, not an car!

 Edward Mantle Reply
Edward Mantle September 28, 2017

The S60 is about £5k – this is 4 times the lumens – an astonishing output for the form factor. Plus the presets, wireless dmx, etc. It’s not for everyone obviously – studios and rental companies rather than gaffers/dops – but a great investment for some businesses.

Derek McCabe Reply
Derek McCabe September 28, 2017

Compare the technology, research and manufacturing costs of a $20K camcorder or camera.. and then try to justify that with that of a LED light. This light can’t cost more than $1K to manufacture. It should be more in the $5-7K price range. But I guess they figure the customers who want this will pay anything for it. Looks for clones in about 2 years.. for less than $5K. So they have a 2 year window to sell as many of these as they can… I just don’t see that as a good company strategy.

 Edward Mantle Reply
Edward Mantle September 29, 2017

Think you’re right in a sense – that, as Kevin Almodovar points out below, the productions that would want this / be able to handle it in a practical sense, wouldn’t bat an eyelid at the cost either as purchase or rental. But I don’t think you’re right about manufacturing cost. I can’t see it costing as low as $1k to produce. Carbon fibre is time consuming and expensive to produce, even at scale. I can’t imagine anything comparable on the market for less than $10k. I agree that you’ll see cheaper clones in a few years but what production in their right mind is going to risk downtime on a shoot while they replace something they bought on FleaBay? Arri fixtures are bomb proof and an industry standard for a reason.

Lukas Hennecke Reply
Lukas Hennecke September 28, 2017

Timo Nachbar wenns mal zu dunkel ist

Kevin Almodovar September 29, 2017

This is a big production light only. With crews and shoots getting tighter and smaller, this is not a light for most production out there especially when you can get just as much light out of a much lighter M18.

I have a 1 ton truck and if I can’t load it on the truck by myself, I don’t want it in my inventory. So barring the price, the weight alone is not practical for many shoots.

Cool light, but for what I do, there is not much I could do with it even if they gave it to me for free.