ARRI Orbiter – Quick Look at the New High Output Directional LED Fixture

A few days ago, ARRI announced a new high output directional LED fixture: the ARRI Orbiter. During IBC 2019, we had the chance to take a quick look at this new modular fixture that should come out next year.

ARRI Orbiter – Image credit: cinema5D

ARRI Orbiter – Main Features

The Orbiter is ARRI’s latest modular and directional LED light that was announced a couple of days ago. You can read our full article here for more details about the technical specifications.

In short, here are the main highlights of this new light:

  • Features a six-color light engine for high color rendition and accuracy. It is possible to go from very warm color temperatures of 2000K up to super-cold 20.000K. You can also dim to light from 0 to 100% with no color changes.
  • There is a built-in color sensor for matching ambient light. The light is also weatherproof.
  • Thanks to the Quick Lighting Mount, you can switch the front optic. These lighting modifiers includes an open face modifier, a projection lens, a light dome, and light banks.
  • According to ARRI, the Orbiter is a potent light; its output is superior to a 2K Tungsten Fresnel.
  • 4” full-color display, quick navigation buttons, Also, you can remove the control panel and use it handheld with a 5 or 15 m (16.4 or 49.2 ft) control panel cable.
  • Internal power supply, wireless DMX, and 3-pin XLR battery input.

ARRI Orbiter – Image credit: cinema5D

The idea behind this light is to buy a single point LED light and modify it via various lighting modifiers to change the beam of light. Whether you need intense hard light or a very soft diffused beauty light, the ARRI Orbiter can suit nearly every shooting scenario that you can imagine.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing of the ARRI Orbiter depends on the optics you want to go with it, but it starts at $7.200. The Orbiter comes in two versions: a traditional “manual” yoke version, as well as a pole-operated version. Also, it will be available in two colors: classic Metal/Blue or Black.

The ARRI Orbiter should begin to ship during the first quarter of 2020, and you can already pre-order it.

What are your thoughts around this new ARRI Orbiter eco-system? Do you think it could be a useful product in your kit/rental list? Let us know in the comments!

$ exc. VATNew Item - Coming Soon
$ exc. VATNew Item - Coming Soon
$ exc. VATNew Item - Coming Soon

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