Aputure Amaran MW – Waterproof and Super Bright LED Light

For their latest LED light, Aputure takes the Amaran MW underwater up to 3m for super bright, all weather constant or effect illumination.

Imagine not needing to worry about your lights shorting out if it’s raining, if you accidentally drop the light in some water, or simply want to expand boundaries into underwater filming: The Aputure Amaran MW is a tiny but mighty LED light that is completely submersible to 3m, and can withstand torrential rain too. It’s 2 times brighter than the Amaran MX, too.

The Aperture Amaran MW uses the same LED technology as the previous Amaran models, but kicks out more brightness. At full power, the little light can run for 90 minutes continuously, and at the lowest brightness setting it will run for 24 hours. It charges via USB-C, and is promised to be fully charged within 1.5 hours. Additionally, effect presets are included, which can be chosen by scrolling through the top buttons and range from lighting to paparazzi type flashes and dimming.

Although Aputure have confirmed that the Amaran MW can be taken down 3m underwater, they will test to see whether it will still work at 10m, which would make it ideal for dive lighting. The construction of this all weather light is promising for the future development of Aputure’s lights, as it would be great to have all weather fixtures in a variety of sizes, especially if they are as bright as this little light.

The Aputure Amaran MW is expected to be available from December on, with confirmed pricing to come.

Are you looking for a super bright and all weather solution for your lighting? Are you an underwater filmmaker, needing a constant lighting solution? Does the Aputure Amaran MX fill those needs? Let us know in the comments.

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