Angelbird Ups Its Game with SD, CFast and SSD

We talk to Roman from Angelbird at IBC 2017, where he told us all about their focus on the creative industries.

Flash memory storage manufacturer Angelbird is more focused than ever on audio and video. Since NAB, their SD cards have proven very popular, with the company now serving the DSLR, video and audio pro market with high speed and reliability. Unlike other manufacturers, Angelbird doesn’t produce any small-capacity or low-speed cards, as these products are already served by other companies in an already saturated market. Instead, Angelbird wants to dedicate the amount of time and resources required for adequate customer support, which can only be achieved by serving the smaller customer base that this more exclusive line of products caters to.

What this means is that their SD cards are designed to handle transfer speeds of up to 260MB/s and adhere to the V90 standard, meaning they are capable of consistent capture of all the data that’s output by cameras that support SD cards.

In the CFast world, Angelbird has updated its portfolio to a maximum capacity of 512GB. In combination to transfer speeds of up to 570MB/s, this means longer recording times even in Raw.

In terms of SSD drives, Angelbird now offers up to 4TB capacity in a 2.5” enclosure. The new AV PRO XT drive is specially suited for the new Blackmagic Design V-mount Raw recorder, with design details such as grab handles and sticker labels that make the drive ideal for quick-swap production work.

Roman also tells us of the collaboration with German company basiCColor, who specialises in imaging and calibration. Angelbird cards now include a colour chart that allows you to create a profile for your camera, which you then can use in Photoshop and Lightroom via the basiCColor software.

Angelbird is certainly becoming a bigger player in storage solutions for video productions. Have you had any experience with their products? Let us know in the comments!

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