Angelbird’s Ultra-Durable, Affordable SSD & CFast 2.0 Cards

At NAB 2016, Johnnie had the chance to catch up with Dirk from Angelbird – a small Austrian company with big plans for affordable SSD storage solutions specific to the cinema and broadcast industries. While a hands-on review of the Angelbird products will be coming soon, here’s a little taste of what’s to come!

Angelbird SSD2GO PKT

The SSD2GO PKT, which is displayed throughout the video, is a mobile SSD option that was designed with video in mind. It is shipped with two cables which are sunk into the SSD’s casing, to reduce the amount of stress on the connector. Meanwhile, it features read speeds of up to 560 MB/s and write speeds of up to 460 MB/s. According to the video, it is also tough as old boots – able to stand up to 5 tons – meaning that shooters who like to beat their storage devices up will feel a little safer.

  • 256 GB, 512 GB Storage Capacity
  • USB 3.1 Gen2, Type-A and Type C Interface
  • Read Speeds up to 560 MB/s
  • Write Speeds up to 460 MB/s
  • Bus Powered – No External Power Required
  • Overload and ESD Protection
  • Hard Anodized Surface
  • Windows/Mac Compatible with Reformatting

We’re currently waiting to find out if the Angelbird SSD2GO PKT comes with the 128-bit encryption featured in the SanDisk Extreme line. Even if it doesn’t, however, it does provide a more affordable SSD alternative for filmmakers who like their memory tough.

Anglebird PKT

Angelbird CFast 2.0

The second product discussed in the video is the Angelbird CFast 2.0 Card, which comes with integrated stable stream technology – ensuring spike-free write speeds for all of your video projects, regardless of length. We’re still waiting for more information on the CFast 2.0, however, Dirk states that the card will $259 USD for the 160GB option.

Angelbird Laser Engraving

Interestingly, Angelbird products also come with the option for free laser engraving. According to the video, if you purchase an Angelbird product, you’ll also be eligible to have it laser engraved – and shipped to you, anywhere in the world, within 48-hours!

cinema5D at NAB 2016
Atomos Art-List B&H Tilta Blackmagic Design
$179.99 exc. VATSpecial Order

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Evan Shaw April 19, 2016

please let us say goodbye to artificially high prices thank you here for sure

Mathias Häcki Reply
Mathias Häcki April 19, 2016

Samsung offers similar speeds and pricing with their T3 ssd’s since quiet a while. I’m using them already.

 Jess Jackson Reply
Jess Jackson April 19, 2016

its cheaper to just buy a MSATA SSD chip and a usb 3.0 enclosure

Oscar Goldman Reply
Oscar Goldman April 21, 2016

CFast is a rip-off.

960 GB of 4K-raw-capable SSD cost about $700 (two SanDisk Extreme Pro blahblahblah). That amount of CFast costs at least $1900 (a bunch of 128 GB Atomos cards are the cheapest option I can find). And that’s assuming CFast 1 will even work.

If AngelBird’s price is true, the total will be $1560. A slight improvement, but still more than twice as much as SSDs.

The problem is that CFast is never going to see widespread consumer adoption. Consumer gear standardized on SD a long time ago, and doesn’t demand anything more. Therefore its price will not plummet as people occasionally presume. In fact, its very survival is questionable for that same reason. And when it’s gone… so is your camera.

At least CFast is better than the latest Sony’s rip-off (SxS) and NQ2 or whatever the hell they’re peddling, and Panasonic’s P2 horseshit.

Why not use a RAID of SD cards?