AJA Cion Shipping Date for 120p 4K RAW Camera Announced

Digital Video Interface manufacturer AJA has recently moved into the camera market with the introduction of their highly anticipated AJA Cion 4K RAW camera. A while ago we told you why we are looking forward to this beautiful camera. Today AJA announced the official date the Cion will be shipped and it’s good news for this Christmas season.

489078240_640x360The AJA Cion is an intriguing product in terms of looks and specs on paper.

With 120p RAW capabilities in 4K and an affordable pricetag it has definitely won our interest. Check out Andy Bellamy’s interview to find out all the details.

Today at the Inter BEE Conference in Japan AJA announced that the company has started accepting pre-orders and looks at an anticipated initial ship date by the end of December. And here’s the pre-order page, ready to be flooded: LINK

To use the AJA Cion Production Camera you require AJA Pak SSD Media and an the AJA Pak Dock. There’s already a wide range of third party accessories available to make the AJA Cion work perfectly. We like how AJA has worked together with these manufacturers to offer a complete and ergonomic camera solution from the start. This is definitely out of the usual and shows the company’s commitment and professional approach into the camera production world.

Check back at cinema5D for our AJA Cion review that we will prepare as soon as we get our hands on the camera.

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Walid Hoyek Reply
Walid Hoyek November 19, 2014

All the hopes and prayers and at the end we get a 9000dollars camera, the reason at first was to get an affordable 4k and here you go.

Sebastian Wöber Reply
Sebastian Wöber November 19, 2014

Hm, I think for a professional solution it’s still affordable. Also what some other manufacturers are doing in 4K looks good on paper but is unusable in real life. So my hopes are still high for the Cion.
And I recommend using the prayers for more meaningful things than cameras… :)

Walid Hwayik Reply
Walid Hwayik March 25, 2015

Well I might pray to find someone like u someday :)

David Gurney Reply
David Gurney November 22, 2014

$700 for 256 GB of proprietary storage? What a crock. You could buy two 480 GB Sandisk Extreme Pro SSDs and run them in parallel for the same price.

Caleb Rasak Reply
Caleb Rasak November 19, 2014

The FS7 to me has kind of knocked the Cions dick in the dirt. Pardon my french.

Tyler Kaschke Reply
Tyler Kaschke November 19, 2014

The Steely Dan tribute camera!