AFI Success Stories: Could You Be Next? – with AFI’s Stephen Lighthill, ASC – ON THE GO – Episode 90

In this final part of our chat with AFI’s Stephen Lighhill, ASC, we discuss some of the success stories by AFI Alumni.

If you are still undecided about whether you want to apply for the cinematography programme at the American Film Institute, this episode is all about some of the different circumstances that some of the Alumni have come from before enrolling. As Stephen mentions, candidates come from all sorts related careers, such as VFX, animation, reality television and more.

The Cinematography programme at the American Film Institute is certainly not what you would call “cheap”. It does, however, offer financial aid for students (check out the AFI website for more information). If you would like to know more about the application process and what kind of work you should present, check out last week’s episode HERE.

Beyond the technical, and artistic and academic knowledge that you can gain at the course, the program also offers mentoring to help you plan your career, touching on subjects such as how to market yourself, organise your finances, networking, finding an agent and dealing with interviews with potential clients and employers.

Based in LA, the institute also benefits from regular visits from ASC members who share their working knowledge with the students on a weekly basis

Finally, Stephen shares some insight into what could be the future of studying at the AFI, with some upcoming changes and plans.

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Featured Image by Jakob Owens on Unsplash