A SIGMA Factory Tour – cinema5D Exclusive

During my latest visit to Japan I was lucky enough to be the first journalist who was allowed to independently film at SIGMA’s Art and cinema zoom lenses production factory. I hope you will enjoy this short video, as I was trying to make you guys feel as if you were visiting the factory together with me.

It was the beginning of March and my request to visit SIGMA’s factory was answered positively. Shinji Yamaki-san at SIGMA was kind enough to pick me up and travel with me to Aizu where SIGMA’s factory is located. The almost four hour journey was extremely enjoyable, as it gave me a chance to talk and get to know Shinji-san, eat the best soba I ever had, while changing trains and witness how the sunny weather in Tokyo was changing to a white snow blanket as we headed north.

Together with Kazuto Yamaki-san

At arrival, I was greeted by Kazuto Yamaki-san, SIGMA corporation CEO. For those of you who are not familiar with SIGMA’s history, I’d like to mention that Yamaki-san took over the company during the beginning of 2012, after his father – who founded the company during 1961 – had passed away.

During the short presentation I got from Yamaki-san before heading to our joint factory tour, he mentioned that SIGMA is currently employing 1600 people, while 1400 of them are working in the factory I’ve visited. As Yamaki-san stated, SIGMA’s biggest asset is its hard working people. Their level of dedication and care for details was clearly visible throughout my two day visit.

I’ll leave you with the images I took, but would like to mention again that my respect goes to the people behind manufacturing the equipment we use! A special thank you to Kazuto Yamaki-san and Shinji Yamaki-san for being responsive and welcoming making this tour possible!

Please share with us, if you are interested in seeing more “Behind the Scenes” of companies that are part of our filming industry.