9.Solutions Mini C-Pan Arm – Slides and Curves with no Rails!

The 9.Solutions Mini C-Pan Arm is a compact and portable solution for achieving versatile camera movements with small cameras.

The 9.Solutions Mini C-Pan Arm is a shrunk-down version of the manufacturer’s original C-Pan Arm, a very large contraption that doesn’t seem very portable at all due to its use of heavy counter weights. A folded length of 400mm and a total weight of 1.5kg of the Mini means the this new version promises to be much more aimed towards the traveller photographer or videographer working with small cameras.

9.solutions mini c-pan arm

With a design that is somewhat reminiscent of the Edelkrone Wing, the 9.Solutions Mini C-Pan Arm allows you to make smooth slide shots without the need for rails or a carriage. Its design also allows for curved shots, both in the horizontal and the vertical axis – though the latter requires a ball head or other tiltable camera mount. The Mini C-Pan Arm can achieve a camera travel of up to 700mm, and can take a payload of up to 5kg horizontally or 3kg vertically.  You can check out some test shots in the video below.

The 9.Solutions Mini C-Pan Arm is available now from the links below.

Are you on the lookout for a portable solution to achieve dynamic camera movements without too much hassle? Could the 9.Solutions Mini C-Pan Arm fit the bill? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.