DJI Osmo Z-Axis for Enhanced Gimbal Stabilisation

Announced along their new drone and gimbal, the new Osmo Z-Axis is a mechanical accessory for DJI’s tiny gimbal which adds compensation on an extra axis of movement.

Although the Osmo is a very capable little handheld gimbal solution, its footage still exhibited some of the typical up and down bobbing motion inherent to footage shot while walking. Responding to customer demand for more “Steadycam-like” footage, DJI has release an optional attachment that easily integrates with current Osmo models.

DJI Osmo Z-Axis

The Osmo Z-Axis is a spring loaded hinge in that attaches between the camera and the handle, compensating movement with each step. It features a small knob, which regulates spring tension to adapt movement stabilisation to your particular needs. Naturally, being only a mechanical solution, it doesn’t draw on the Osmo’s battery as it doesn’t require any extra power.

As you can see in our hands-on video above, the difference is quite noticeable, adding that extra something that certainly gives it much more of a Steadycam feel.

The DJI Z-Axis is already available on the DJI Store for $128, and was announced along with many other Osmo updates and accessories, including the new Osmo RAW capture system, compatibility with DJI’s Zenmuse X5R camera and new power supply options.

cinema5D at NAB 2016
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Alfonso Bui Reply
Alfonso Bui April 18, 2016

DJI absolutely crushing it these past two years!

Mario Ingerle Reply
Mario Ingerle April 18, 2016

Maximilian La

Maximilian La Reply
Maximilian La April 18, 2016

schon sehr leiwand =) die x5r warat auch leiwand

Mario Ingerle Reply
Mario Ingerle April 18, 2016

X5r is aber teurer als das trumm hier :D

Steve Sernagiotto Reply
Steve Sernagiotto April 18, 2016

Douglas Glover

the SUBVERSIVE April 18, 2016

Like the springs Nebula added to the 4200, so I guess more manufacturers will start offering it.

Oli Braun Reply
Oli Braun April 19, 2016

would have been interesting to know if they will also plan to make a stronger X5 compatible version :) does anyone know?

Michael Wurzinger Reply
Michael Wurzinger April 19, 2016

sehr cool :D

Paul Webb Reply
Paul Webb April 19, 2016

Efrain Laguna

Art Varga April 19, 2016

can this be used with the X5/OSMO/Adapter combination?

 Leo Quintero Reply
Leo Quintero April 28, 2016

Kind of funny how they intentionally did the tracking shot without the product closer to the subject so that the vertical movement is exaggerated lol Looks like a great product though, totally getting it!