NAB 2014 – ON THE COUCH – ep 7 – B&H

Our lead sponsor for ON THE COUCH is B&H – a camera…

NAB 2014 – ON THE COUCH – ep 6 – Zacuto, Rodney Charters, ASC & Bruce Logan, ASC

This is a very special (sixth) 50 minute episode of ON THE…

NAB 2014 – ON THE COUCH – ep 5 – Vitec Videocom

In the fifth episode of ON THE COUCH, I hosted our sponsor…

NAB 2014 – ON THE COUCH – ep 4 – Canon & Sony (part 2)

In the second part of our 4th episode of ON THE COUCH,…

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 2.08.20 AM
NAB 2014 – ON THE COUCH – ep 4 – Blackmagic & Kinefinity (part 1)

In the 1st part our 4th episode, I talked to Stuart Ashton…

NAB 2014 – ON THE COUCH – ep 3 – ZEISS – cinema lenses, 4K & anamorphics

In the 3rd episode of ON THE COUCH, we hosted our show…

NAB 2014 – ON THE COUCH – ep 2 – Philip Bloom, Ryan Koo, Joe Marine (NoFilmSchool)

In our second episode of ON THE COUCH, I had our good…

NAB 2014 – ON THE COUCH – ep 1 – cinema5D News Team

This is the premiere episode of ON THE COUCH, with the cinema5D…

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NAB 2014 video – Larry Thorpe runs us through the new Canon 17-120mm Cine-Servo Zoom Lens

Canon didn’t release any new large sensor cameras at this NAB. Some…

NAB 2014 video – Sony’s motor driven cine zoom lens is a concept to be looking forward to

Here is a new lens concept for a cine-powerzoom lens by Sony…

NAB 2014 video – All the details about Sony’s F5 & F55 hardware upgrades

Sony’s professional cinema cameras the Sony F5 and Sony F55 have been…

NAB 2014 video – The DJI Ronin is a sub $5000 stabilized gimbal that doesn’t look DIY

Here’s another new handheld stabilized gimbal system by a company that has…

NAB 2014 video – F&V also has an impressive EVF: The Spectra HD4

One of our favourite light & gear manufacturers F&V have released an…

NAB 2014 video – Details on Zacuto’s stunning Gratical HD EVF

Zacuto is being talked about for several of their newly introduced products,…

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 23.51.36
NAB 2014 – Blackmagic Production & Cinema Camera modifications by Kinefinity

Our friends at  spotted one of the craziest modifications I have ever seen….

AJA CION introductory video and first footage

AJA is the second hardware company after Blackmagic design to announce and…

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